Sun Sui Wah 新瑞華海鮮酒家


Roasted Squab

Still catching up on my Vancouver posts! Anyways, the night before I left for Europe, my family took me to eat what would be my last legit Chinese dinner. It’s definitely true that I can’t find quality Chinese food over here. We went to Sun Sui Wah, where I had dim sum here recently, but I don’t remember when the last time I had dinner here was. It was very packed and we had to wait a little even though we had reservations. First up, we had the Roasted Squab, which was roasted till crispy and golden brown. It wasn’t too salty but still flavourful. Really enjoyed it.


Fish Maw and Fresh Crab Meat Soup

Next, we were served the Fish Maw and Fresh Crab Meat Soup. I loved this and it had an abundance of seafood. The perfect way to start dinner off!


Lotus Root, Snow Peas and Black Fungus

For vegetables, my mom decided to order the Lotus Roots, Snow Peas and Black Fungus, but it was definitely disappointing. I found it bland and it was something you could make yourself at home. The lotus roots were also cut in really big pieces and it was difficult to eat.


Deep Fried Fish Fillet

For seafood, we had Deep Fried Fish Fillet and the batter was light and fluffy. The fillet was fresh and tender and the garlic chips and spices made the dish more feisty.


Honey Garlic Spareribs

Lastly, we had the Honey Garlic Spareribs, and this was also another favourite. I loved the sweetness to it and each sparerib had good amount of meat.

All in all, we enjoyed our meal and writing this post makes me miss Richmond and Vancouver food so much! Soon, you will hear about my Asian food stories here in Europe, and they are definitely not too great.

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