Kit Kat Craze!

Not a restaurant post today! Just sharing some crazy Kit Kat flavours with you thanks to K who brought them back from Japan 🙂 I don’t even remember all the flavours, but some were Green Tea, Cinnamon, Honeydew Blueberry, Apple, and Cookies and Cream. Some of them were exclusive to Japan I believe. Green Tea is my all time favourite, and you can get them in Vancouver as well at places such as Candyland. Honeydew was also surprisingly pretty good. A bite in, and you were literally filled with honeydew madness. The flavour was so strong! Another flavour that really struck me was the Cinnamon flavour. It was…spicy. Not too good!

Bubble Queen

Mango Mochi Slush with Coconut Jelly

Strawberry Kit Kat Slush

If you live in Richmond, you know the list goes on for bubble tea spots, but this bubble tea store offers such unique drinks that it is a must try! Bubble Queen is located around the McKim Way and Garden City area. Some of the famous drinks they offer are the Ferrero Rocher Slush, Malteser Slush, Almond Roca Slush and the Lindt White Chocolate Slush! Yes. They turn all your favourite chocolate goodies into a bubble tea slush! They also pop a piece of your chocolate at the top of your drink to finish it off! They also have other bubble tea flavours if you like to stick with the originals and not go too fancy. Food is also available, such as their famous bubble waffles or what some people call “egg balls”. I have tried their Green Tea Mochi Bubble Waffle but unfortunately forgot to snap a picture. Guess I was too busy eating… Some other flavours are: Matcha Red Bean Bubble Waffle, Green Apple & Cinnamon Bubble Waffle, Strawberry & White-Choco-Chip Waffle, and Caramel Coffe & Toffee Chip. They also offer premium teas, chicken wings, thick toast and much more. Be sure to check it out, but I believe they close midnight latest! It’s also quite a small store, so perhaps take out? You will want to try all those different bubble teas for sure!

Check out their facebook page for more info:!/group.php?gid=22229571779

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