Sophia is mostly a Richmond and Vancouver based food blogger, but occasionally travels around the world looking for good eats.

She is not a professional food critic, but enjoys voicing her honest opinions. Reviews are based on personal taste.

Sophia started the blog in 2011 as a hobby and hopes to continue sharing her experiences wherever she goes.

Contact me at: info@everydayisafoodday.com


5 thoughts on “About

  1. dstroy says:

    Love reading your reviews 🙂 So… what’s your favorite place in town for Chinese Dim Sum, and for Hot Pot? The reviews that I’ve seen of the ones you’ve visited seem to be along the lines of “meh…average” – so I’m curious what is, so far, among the must-check-out places on your list! (in Vancouver, preferably west-side/downtown/Richmond as I’m over by UBC)

    • everydayisafoodday says:

      Thanks for your comment! 🙂 Unfortunately I don’t eat around UBC often! But if you’re looking for good Dim Sum in Richmond, I enjoy Gingeri Chinese Cuisine. For Hot Pot, definitely check out Toyotomi. It’s an all you can eat restaurant which offers Japanese style hot pots. Good value for the price!

  2. dstroy says:

    Thanks! I am around Richmond a lot (but so many choices – it can be overwhelming!) so I will have to check them out

    • dstroy says:

      sorry – whoops! I didn’t reply to the right comment and it doesnt look like I can delete/move the comment. (#^_^#)

  3. Parham Albadvi says:

    Hey Sophia – love your blogs! They always get me hungry near lunch time.

    Do you have an email address by any chance? I would like to share an exiting story with you.

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