Amsterdam Cafe Pub


Canadian Beef Dip

I actually didn’t try many new restaurants this time around up at Whistler since I wanted a relaxing trip where I could just eat and enjoy my food without needing to get pictures before. We did end up trying Amsterdam Cafe Pub for an early dinner. They have a patio area outside with heated lamps, so great since we were up on the mountains on a rainy and chilly weekend. The pub has minimal service, with you going in and looking for your own seats and a waitress coming to take your order. We shared two dishes including the Canadian Beef Dip, which featured a roasted beef inside a toasted baguette and a side of au jus for dipping. It also came with a serving of fries. At around $12, this was a relatively reasonable price knowing that Whistler can be quite expensive for average food. I like it when my roast beef is medium rare, but this was definitely well done, so it more rough and dry than I’d like. The good thing is that you get the au jus to dip in, so it moistens the beef. However, the au jus was overly salty. Fries were average.


Honey Garlic Chicken Wings

The other dish we got were the Honey Garlic Chicken Wings which came with a ranch dip. The wings were dressed heavily in sauce and topped with chopped green onions. I thought they were okay and would’ve gone great with beer. Wings were crispy on the outside and moist in the inside.


Overall, based on the items we tried at Amsterdam Cafe Pub, I thought it was average. Your typical pub food, so don’t expect too much. Service was also a bit slow since it was basically one waitress running around to serve all the tables. Good spot if you want food at Whistler that’s priced reasonably though.

– Reasonable prices
– Decent eats but not amazing

– Service can be a bit slow

Price Range: $10-20

1: Terrible 2: Poor 3: Average 4: Good 5: Excellent

Food: 3 Service: 2 Ambiance: 2 Parking: N/A Overall: 2.5

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Dubh Linn Gate


Clam Chowder (Cup) – hearty chowder combined with Arctic clams, Yukon Gold potatoes, bacon and fresh herbs

The next afternoon, we looked for a quick meal before we headed back to Vancouver. We stayed at the Pan Pacific Whistler, and Dubh Linn Gate is attached, so we decided to just go for convenience. Dubh Linn Gate is an Irish bar, but also offers breakfast and lunch menus. We began with a cup of Clam Chowder, and we both agreed this was one of the best Clam Chowders we’ve had! It had tons of clams, and something just made this chowder so flavourful! We were devouring this so quickly!


Bangers and Mash – hearty pub classic with Guinness infused bangers

K got the Bangers and Mash for her entree. Bangers essentially are sausages. The sauce was a Guinness sauce and it came with some mashed potatoes. I was a little disappointed in this. I didn’t think it was that great and definitely not worth $16.


Honey Garlic Chicken Wings with Ranch Dip

For myself, I was craving some wings, and got the Honey Garlic Chicken Wings. This was a good portion, with around 10 pieces. The sauce a sweet and sticky, with the wings lightly fried. Not bad for a pub! I did find it a little pricey at $14 though.

All in all, we were quite surprised with the quality of the food at the pub. Usually, I don’t expect much at a pub, but we were both quite happy with our dishes. Again, prices are a little high for a pub, but food in Whistler is just expensive in general.

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Crepe Montagne


Chorizo Crepe

A while back, I joined K up at Whistler for a night and that also meant trying some of Whistler’s restaurants. Araxi is known to be one of their top, but it’s also extremely pricey. The restaurant was also completely packed, so we decided to try out Crepe Montagne. They offer French crepes, but are also famous for their fondues and Swiss Raclette. This restaurant is rated very well, but it’s also extremely small. It fits roughly 30 people in total, and is constantly packed. We waited around 20 minutes and were given a very tight seat. You really can’t move around! Other than that, the food is pretty good. We went for the Chorizo Crepe, which was filled with the spicy sausauge, cheese, green onions and topped with a bechamel sauce. It also came with mixed greens along with a Dijon vinaigrette. The crepe was actually one of the best I’ve had. the crepe itself was slightly crispy, and the fillings were very flavourful and cheesy. However, their crepes are quite expensive, priced around $22 each.


Old Fashioned Cheese Fondue

Since they’re famous for fondues, of course we had to give it a try. They have both cheese and meat fondues. We chose the Old Fashioned Cheese Fondue. All their fondues are made with Emmenthal and Gruyere cheese from Switzerland, and seasoned with garlic and white wine. For the Old Fashioned, it is also mixed with Dijon mustard and herbs. They give you a large bowl of French baguette cubes, and we definitely were not able to finish all that bread between the two of us. The fondue would be great to share with more, or just to share with two people on it’s own.


The fondue was definitely very cheesy. The server would constantly come around to stir our pot so the cheese didn’t clump together. A quick stir, and your cheese would melt nicely again. Unfortunately, we found that our fondue had an odd taste that we didn’t personally really like. It might’ve been the white wine or the dijon, but it threw us off a bit. Also, the bread quality isn’t too good, as it’s very rough. I guess since it’s soaked in the cheese, it doesn’t feel as rough anymore, but I was slightly disappointed with the quality since we’re paying $23 for the fondue.


And here was our meal! A very small table filled with lots of food. Our server was also particularly amazing. She was friendly and funny and K and I definitely agreed she made our night very enjoyable. We still found the prices to be on the high side though, even though we were quite satisfied with the food. I guess it’s because you’re in Whistler, and they’re able to price it higher due to the tourists.

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La Bocca

The next morning at Whistler, we decided to go for our team breakfast before we headed home. This time, we finally got the whole team sitting together. We ended up at La Bocca, which is next to La Brasserie, and they look basically the same. It was confusing to find it when a couple of us were late and were looking for the rest of the group. The place looks pretty diner style, but they don’t just serve breakfast food. It’s also located right in the heart of Whistler Village, so extremely accessible.

Sunrise Breakfast – 2 eggs served any style (sunny-side up) with hashbrowns, strip bacon, breakfast sausage and whole wheat toast

M got the Sunrise Breakfast. He said that it was pretty decent and that he would rate his meal 7/10. That’s pretty good! It looked like a pretty good breakfast since you get a variety of your favourite breakfast foods. I believe he mentioned that the toast wasn’t that great though…

Traditional Benedict – sliced black forest ham, soft poached eggs and homemade citrus hollaindaise on an English muffin, served with hasbrowns

I got the Traditional Bennedict, which was surprisingly really good. I think I had low expectations coming in because I saw that the ratings were terrible on Urbanspoon. The only bad thing about it was the English muffin, because I swear it was so difficult to cut into. If it takes me so much effort to cut into my eggs benny, it doesn’t make me happy! But, other than that, the eggs were poached nicely, and I liked the hollandaise sauce. The hash browns, which were really tater tots, were the best part. They were crispy on the outside and surprisingly weren’t super salty. They were perfect with the ketchup on the side. Overall, it was a pretty good breakfast. And the portion was actually good since I was able to finish all my food and be full, but not overly full. However, I felt that service wasn’t extremely good. The server wasn’t too friendly, and actually seemed a little annoyed by our large group. After getting home and reading the reviews again, I realized that most of the dissatisfaction was based on their dinner or lunch menus. So I’m guessing their actual entree food is probably not too good, but as for breakfast, I thought it was quite decent! Not so much like a tourist trap, like many said.

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Earl’s Restaurant & Bar (Whistler)

Last weekend, I went to Whistler for a team building/bonding trip for a school club. It was lots of fun and I also encountered the first snowfall of the year at night! And what’s a trip without some food. We had originally sat down in a nice fine dining restaurant, but they only offered a set menu, and some of us really couldn’t choose anything we liked. So embarrassingly, we told our server we would be looking elsewhere…How awkward. The girls ended up ditching and went off to Earls. Yes – from fine dining to Earls. But oh, comfort food made me so much happier. Earls was located on the second level of a building and was located right inside the village.

Roasted Vegetable Quesadilla – chili, garlic and cumin roasted portobello mushrooms, red peppers and zucchini, avocado, melted jalapeno jack and cheddar, crisp flour tortilla, sour cream and house made roasted tomato salsa

There are always enough choices at Earls for everyone to find a dish. I ended up getting the Roasted Vegetable Quesadilla which came with fries. At first, I felt that the portion was quite small, and it almost seemed like an appetizer, even though it was listed as an entrée. However, I actually got really full and couldn’t even finish my fries. The quesadilla was a vegetarian dish, with no chicken, but it was still really tasty. I’m usually a meat person, but I was still really satisfied with it. The cheese was melted nicely and I enjoyed the peppers and zucchini which gave great flavor. It also came with a dip, which I found quite spicy. It was like a roasted tomato salsa and sour cream, which I mixed it up with. You were supposed to dip your quesadilla in it, but I found that the quesadilla already had enough flavor. So I ended up using the dip for the fries instead. The fries, which I was told to be really really good, were true! They were thinly cut, and somehow, they were just fried to a perfect texture. Overall, I was extremely satisfied with my dinner. Across from me, was my friend’s meal, which was a Cajun Chicken Sandwich with Caesar Salad, which I was told was extremely delicious as well.

Service was also typical and friendly. It wasn’t over the top annoying or ignorant, but just enough to make my experience satisfied. Another note is that when I went to the bathroom, I realized that there were a bunch of empty seats in the back. However, they still made us wait 5 minutes, before we were taken to our seats. They clearly want to make an illusion that they are always packed, so they make you wait a short time.

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Tandoori Grill at Whistler

Assorted Indian Snacks – Vegetable Pakora, Samosa, Chicken Tikka and Seek Kebab

Lamb Tikka – Marinated leg of lamb pieces

Spinach Naan – Leavened bread, stuffed with grated homemade cheese and chopped spinach and Naan – Leavened bread of fine flour

Aloo Gobhi – Fresh cauliflower and potatoes cooked with fresh onions, tomatoes and exotic spices, Curry Chicken – A traditional boneless chicken cooked in onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic and exotic spices, and Butter Chicken – Boneless pieces of chicken marinated in ginger and garlic, cooked in a butter-tomato sauce

So I pretty much disappeared for a while after Christmas to New Years since I was celebrating my holidays up at Whistler!  Sadly I didn’t get many pictures of food up there as we didn’t eat out much or I was too hungry to bother taking pictures. So this is the only post about food up at Whistler! Last dinner before we left, we decided to have a nice Indian cuisine dinner at Tandoori Grill. About a 15 minute walk from where we lived and situated in the Village, we were all starving to get some good food. We had made reservations ahead of time, which probably was a good idea as it was quite packed. To our surprise, it was a really quiet with dimmed lights and probably one the more fancy restaurants up at Whistler. Excuse my poor lighting pictures, as it was very dim inside and I only had a phone to take pictures! Food was quite delicious although portions were on the smaller side for the price. But then again, it’s about quality over quantity!  I especially liked the assorted indian snacks as we got to sample a little of each, and the lamb was also very good. It came in a sizzling plate and had just enough spice. We asked for mild for all our dishes, but even so, the more we ate, it got a little too spicy for me to handle! Great place to have a lovely dinner up at Whistler!

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