What8ever Cafe

Vanilla Ice Cream Toast

Taiwanese Deep Fried Tofu

Hadn’t gone to What8ever Cafe for a while so decided to go on a weekday night. It’s almost assumed that you’ll be waiting if you go on a Friday or weekend night as the place is extremely small and everyone loves going there. What8ever Cafe is famous for their Ice Cream Toast, which is a must try if you have not tried it yet. It’s basically a loaf of bread with the center taken out and cut into french toast sticks and put back in, then layered with ice cream and all sorts of treats. This one was the Vanilla, which I believe was the first one they started with. They now have strawberry and green tea too. Would love to try the green tea next time! Also got some Taiwanese Deep Fried Tofu, but found them not up to par. They were quite deflated as you can see in the picture, and I’ve had better ones at other bubble tea shops. Overall, great place to hang out, but does get quite busy so it’s not a place where you can talk the night away.

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Triple O’s (UBC)

Mmmm yummy milkshake on a gloomy day! Thanks to Steph for getting me this when I was too lazy to walk out of the building! Got to love that girl for always knowing what I crave! (If you’re reading this, I mentioned you again! :D) The Triple-O Vanilla Milkshake is probably one of my favourite milkshakes so far. So much better than the McDonald or Dairy Queen milkshakes! It’s thick and creamy, and you can taste the vanilla bean which doesn’t taste artificial. I believe it also comes in strawberry and chocolate flavour.

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