California Pizza Kitchen

 Cranberry Cooler

Fried Mac N Cheese


California Club – Applewood smoked bacon, chicken and Mozzarella hearth-baked then topped with tomatoes, avocado and chilled lettuce tossed in mayonnaise

Trip to Seattle means having some good food again! Went to California Pizza Kitchen at Northgate Mall. It’s a place great for the family, similar to The Cheesecake Factory, with decent service. Big portions for the price as well! The California Club Pizza tasted basically like a Caesar Salad, so you don’t really need to order another salad on the side. I have to say, it’s quite a healthy choice for a pizza. The Fried Mac and Cheese was not the best though. I felt like it wasn’t very fresh, as it was kind of hard. It almost seemed as though it was made ahead of time and heated back up. Overall, the food is pretty good and worth a try!

California Pizza Kitchen (Northgate) on Urbanspoon


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