Sushi K Kamizato


SP wanted to try Sushi K Kamizato, but it’s all the way in Coquitlam. Finally, we decided to go after our exam since it has some pretty good reviews! The restaurant is tucked away in a town center type of mall and is quite small.


When we arrived, we were surprised that the customers were mostly Caucasian. Usually, I look for Japanese customers to figure out if the place is authentic or not. But it does seem to be! The chef and lady, who seems to be the wife of the owner/chef, seemed to know every single customer. We almost felt a little strange since we were like foreigners in the restaurant. We were still greeted regardless, but the restaurant definitely has a loyal customer base.


The owner also seems to be a big fan of metallic rock music. The restaurant was playing rock music the whole time, except some of my friends found it a little too much for dinner.


Salmon and Tuna Karaage

We each received a complementary dish of Salmon and Tuna Karaage while we waited for out food. This was quite addicting with the chili mayo sauce.


Ebi Sunomono

C and M both got an Ebi Sunomono. Looked like the average appetizer.


Saba Pressed Sushi

They also got the Saba Pressed Sushi, which looked quite delicious!


Chicken Teriyaki Combo

C got the Chicken Teriyaki Combo which came with a side salad, rice and miso soup.


Grilled Aburi Saba Combo

M got the Grilled Aburi Saba Combo, which also came with a side salad, rice, and miso soup.


Spicy Chopped Scallop


Salmon Roll and Chopped Scallop Roll


Kamizato House Roll

For myself, I got the Kamizato House Roll. I actually didn’t find it as amazing as I had imagined. The top had some sort of mayo but it was also charred. I found that because it was charred, the flavour tasted a little burnt, which bothered me a little.It was basically a California roll with a little bit of salmon sashimi.


Chicken Yakiudon

I also got the Chicken Yakiudon which was a huge plate! I did find that the udon was a little undercooked as it was kind of hard. It also wasn’t what I had imagined and seemed quite simple. I was craving the one at Guu and it definitely wasn’t as good as that.


Spicy  & Shout


Let it Beef 

The specialty rolls definitely looked and tasted delicious according to my friends. I never actually tried them, but they seem to be what people come here for. Their ingredients are definitely fresh and I believe they cater to their loyal customer base. Overall, it wasn’t bad and I would love to come back to try their specialty rolls.

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