Fortune Terrace Chinese Cuisine

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Fortune Terrace Special Assorted Cold Platter

Fortune Terrace opened up a few years ago in the Olympic Oval area. It is known for having higher prices but fancy presentation. We came here for a family friend gathering for dinner. The interior is grand and spacious with large screens perfect for hosting wedding events. First up, we had the Fortune Terrace Special Assorted Cold Platter. There were four items to share including the jelly fish in Sichuan style, Nanjing salt duck, pork belly, and smoked salmon wrapped lettuce. The pork belly was crispy on the outside, with a good proportion of fat to meat ratio. Another favourite of mine was the jelly fish which was slightly spicy and flavoured nicely with sesame oil. This is a great platter to share if you have a table of 10.


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Fortune Terrace Peking Duck Three Ways

Of course at large dinners, Peking Duck is a must. At Foturne Terrace, you can get Peking Duck Three Ways for $88. This comes with the peking duck wrap, soup, and lettuce wrap. I didn’t take a picture of the soup, but essentially, they use the bones to boil a hot soup. As for the peking duck wrap, I thought the amount of meat they were able to skin out wasn’t too much. I guess it was a small duck? The duck itself was good but nothing out of the ordinary or to rave about.


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Peking Duck Lettuce Wrap

Next up was the Peking Duck Lettuce Wrap. The seasoning was flavourful and not overly salty. A great and refreshing dish for the summer!


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Pea Tips with Braised Mushrooms

As for our veggie dish, we had the Pea Tips with Braised Mushrooms which I really enjoyed. Who doesn’t love pea tips?! The mushroom itself was large but extremely tender and juicy. The dish had a savoury consommé which complemented the vegetables very well.


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Whole Scallops & Dried Scallops Fried Rice

Of course we had to get their signature Whole Scallops & Dried Scallops Fried Rice which is shaped in a pyramid! Presentation was amazing, but the dish itself was quite good. There were plenty of large scallops mixed with dried scallops and the rice was cooked perfectly so it wasn’t mushy.


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To finish, we were given red bean soup and also a beautiful platter of fruits consisting of watermelon and cantaloupe melon balls. Seriously, the presentation is amazing here!

Overall, the food at Fortune Terrace was good, but the prices were quite steep.  feel like I can get similar quality of food at other restaurants were a cheaper price. Of course, the service here is good and the presentation is outstanding. The ambiance is also quite nice given the restaurant is newer. Would like to come back to try the food during dim sum hours.

– Presentation of dishes is really nice
– Decor and service is great

– Prices are slightly higher than other restaurants with similar quality of food

Price Range: $30-50 per person

1: Terrible 2: Poor 3: Average 4: Good 5: Excellent

Food: 3.5 Service: 4 Ambiance: 4 Parking: Free parking in underground garage Overall: 3.5


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