Christmas Baking!


Christmas Day is always good and bad at the same time for me. It’s great because it’s a time to reunite with family and friends, but at the same time, thinking of what to do can sometimes be a headache. It always seems to revolve around food though with all those family dinners. But what about the afternoon? This year, I celebrated Christmas and also S’s birthday by baking some Christmas goods! First up, we got the Pilsbury Christmas Cookies. So yea…we’re not exactly the best bakers, and we wanted to be festive, so what’s better than premade cookies where we just need to pop them into the oven right? I actually expected to cut the cookie dough, but apparently, they’ve gotten so advanced that they already come pre-cut too… Guess you literally just need to put them in the oven.


These cookies were sold out everywhere too! My mom snatched the last box so I guess they’re a big hit during the holidays. And here’s the finished product! Don’t they look awesome?! Tasty too, and so easy to make! Oh, and no washing dishes required! Well other than the baking sheet.


And then we also made Gingerbread men! We were also lazy and bought the kit from Superstore. However, it wasn’t as quick as the Pilsbury cookies. It came with the pre-mixed flour, icing flour, piping bag, cookie cutter, as well as some sweets that we didn’t end up using. I think we over mixed these guys since they came out pretty holey… And the shapes were extremely awkward looking. The cookie cutter shaped the arms and legs extremely skinny so it was really hard to lift the dough off the counter, resulting in awkward looking men. We used smarties instead of the included sweets and the icing was surprisingly really easy to use and also didn’t taste too sweet. The gingerbread was strong in flavour, but I found them quite hard after letting them cool. Either we over mixed it or the mix wasn’t great.


Lastly, we baked a pie! We followed Grandma Ople’s Recipe and we were quite proud of our finished product! The lattice top just makes the pie look so much better. The filling definitely was too strong in cinnamon and spices for me though. Funny thing was we already cut down half of the cinnamon that was required. The crust was flaky, and that’s thanks to the Pilsbury unroll-and-fill pie crusts! Yes, we were being lazy again, but we didn’t have time to let our dough refrigerate!


And more desserts! Well we didn’t make this, but my parents bought some Cheesecake from Costco, and it was not bad. 4 flavours including lemon, raspberry, chocolate and dulce leche. My favourite was the lemon since the hint of sourness balanced off the sweetness of the rest of the cake. At an affordable price too!

And that was my Christmas afternoon. Definitely a belated post! 8)


McBistro Swiss Mushroom Melt

Oreo Cookies ‘N’ Cream Pie

This is soooo long overdue! But Steph once again surprised me with food! All the menu items that I either love or wanted to try! She knows me well 😉

I saw all those ads about McDonald’s real fruit smoothies right after I tried Tim Horton’s version of it and wanted to try! I tried the Tim Horton’s Peach Mango Smoothie which was a real disappointment. The cashier asked me if I wanted yoghurt with it, so I said why not, and ended up paying around $4 for something that tasted just like pure peach yoghurt. McDonald’s Mango Pineapple Real Fruit Smoothie, however, was so delicious! It actually tasted like a smoothie and I believe it is cheaper too! They were having the $1 drink promotion too, which is a really good deal!

As for the McBistro Swiss Mushroom Melt, I had already tried it before and it is still one of my favourite McBistros! It is loaded with lots of mushrooms, and the sandwich is made with a better quality bread.

The Oreo Cookies ‘N’ Cream Pie was something that I wanted to try also because of those ads… It almost tasted like a smore! It was almost like marshmallows inside a cookie. I found it a little too sweet for me, but I think it would be perfect if I shared it with someone! I ate everything all by myself…which probably was a bad idea. Delicious though! Thanks Steph! 🙂

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Christmas Baking!

Christmas is in just a few days! Always lots of fun to bake some Christmas goodies with friends! Both the gingerbread men and cupcakes are vegan friendly except for the icing, since we couldn’t find vegan icing at that store. Delicious and fun to decorate!

Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop in San Francisco

Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop at Haight Ashbury

Mmmm..all the flavours of ice cream!

Ben & Jerry’s Menu!

Freezer full of Ben & Jerry’s

My Waffle Cone! Chocolate Fudge Brownie & Cookies and Cream

If you ever have a chance to go to San Francisco, check out the area called Haight Ashbury! It’s really funky, and hippie-like, but that’s whats so interesting about it! It’s got tons of boutiques and restaurants, and of course one of their tourist attractions is the Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop! The ice cream here is a bit pricey, I must say, but it is just so creamy and irresistible! They also have smoothies and sundaes that you can’t get in the freezer aisle in grocery stores!

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Cookies & Cream at Midnight?

Finally tried the Haagen-Dazs Midnight Cookies & Cream pint of ice cream that I had bought a while back in the States. Not sure if they sell it in Vancouver, since it’s limited edition. Their description is “smooth, chocolate ice cream seduced by buttery fudge and chocolate cookie wafers make for a perfect midnight, or anytime treat.” And yes, it definitely met the description! Yum!