Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop in San Francisco

Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop at Haight Ashbury

Mmmm..all the flavours of ice cream!

Ben & Jerry’s Menu!

Freezer full of Ben & Jerry’s

My Waffle Cone! Chocolate Fudge Brownie & Cookies and Cream

If you ever have a chance to go to San Francisco, check out the area called Haight Ashbury! It’s really funky, and hippie-like, but that’s whats so interesting about it! It’s got tons of boutiques and restaurants, and of course one of their tourist attractions is the Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop! The ice cream here is a bit pricey, I must say, but it is just so creamy and irresistible! They also have smoothies and sundaes that you can’t get in the freezer aisle in grocery stores!

Ben & Jerry's Haight Ashbury on Urbanspoon


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