Lupo Restaurant

Prosciutto and Assorted Salumi

Veal Breast

Rib Eye Steak


Lupo is a beautiful Italian restaurant located in Yaletown. The ambiance is spectacular although the menu is quite expensive. All the dishes are presented beautifully and tastes excellent! Great restaurant to go to for a special event or even just a night out!

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Ebi Sunomono

Salmon Sashimi

Portabello Mushroom Salad


Duck Breast

Uni Roll, Chopped Scallop Roll, Spider Roll

Tempura Udon

Dynamite Roll, Rainbow Roll

Unagi Don

Discovered this new Japanese restaurant the other day! It’s called Kiriri and is located in this tiny mall across the Garden City Mall. I think the owners are Japanese and the place is really small, but packed. Food was dainty, but very fresh. They also have excellent reviews on sites such as dinehere and urbanspoon. So check them out!

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Empire Seafood Restaurant 帝苑皇宴海鮮酒家

Finally uploaded my pictures of my feast at Empire Seafood Restaurant in Richmond in the London Drugs Mall. Around a month ago, the Alaskan king crabs were in season, and almost all Chinese restaurants were offering feasts of crab for a great deal. This is actually only one way of how the crab was cooked. This one was done with garlic. There was also one that was fried with batter. Both so delicious! I think the crab season is ending soon now, so get all the crab you can before the prices rise again!

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Ajisai Sushi Bar

Ajisai Sushi Bar is located in Kerrisdale and offers a great variety of different sushi and Japanese food. The price is decent, and the food is extremely fresh. If you check them out on sites such as dinehere or urbanspoon, you will find that there are all positive comments and they all state that Ajisai is one of the best Japanese restaurants out there. So be sure to try it out!

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