Sunway Restaurant

Taiwanese Beef Noodle

Deep Fried Pop Chicken

Sunway Restaurant is located in Empire Centre, the mall next to Parker Place in Richmond. They are famous for their Taiwanese Beef Noodles and their Deep Fried Popcorn Chicken, so of course I had to try them. The beef noodles are great, but what really caught my attention were the popcorn chicken. I’ve tried a variety of popcorn chicken, like the ones at Pearl Castle and Well Tea, but these tasted very different. They had a unique outer crispy layer that was very different from the others I have tried. It felt less oily, and the crispy layer wasn’t too thick. Prices were also very reasonable with large portions. These popcorn chicken are a must try!

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BK Chicken Tenders

Last meal in the states was fast food and we decided to go to Burger King just before we got back to the other side of the border. And if you’ve been to the states, you would know how ridiculously cheap and large the portions of fast food are! 20 pieces of Chicken Tenders were just $4.99! They don’t have these in Canada at Burger King, however. It’s basically the same thing as McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets, but they do taste a little different. The crispiness is a little different, but I actually prefer the Burger King Chicken Tenders! Give it a try when you go down to the states!