The Naam

Gold Dragon Dragon Bowl – mix of Naam fries, cheese, miso gravy, steamed veggies, sprouts, carrots & deep fried tofu

Tempeh Reuben – Marinated tempeh with melted cheese, grilled mushrooms, mustard, sauerkraut & grated beets, on a whole wheat burger bun

Always heard about the Naam, but never got to try it till now! The Naam is a very busy vegetarian restaurant, and you can tell just by the lineups outside. Our wait was around 15 minutes I guess – not too bad. It’s located in the Kitsilano district on Main St, and is open 24 hours everyday! They say they only close on Christmas. That’s pretty crazy! Around half an hour after we got in, live music was also going on. We later found out that there is live music of folk, jazz, and blues every night from 7-10 pm. Not a huge fan of that type of music, but definitely an interesting and lively experience. The decor inside the restaurant is also very funky with wooden furniture and flooring. The restaurant has been given awards from Best Organic Restaurant to Best Vegetarian Restaurant, so definitely well known and worth a try. And the food is really full of veggies, and lots of it! The portions are huge and you can actually get full from all those organics. The burger that my friend tried had tempeh, which was basically a slice of tofu-like patty that is made of soybeans. Pretty interesting! So if you’re craving some veggies or just want to eat healthy, this is the place to go! Open anytime except Christmas, so no excuse to not get some vegetarian food!

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