Qoola Plus (Richmond Centre)


Qoola opened not long ago at Richmond Centre and took over the old Carlton Cards location right next to McDonalds. The Qoola here is huge compared to the rest in Greater Vancouver, and it is actually called Qoola Plus. I think it’s because they offer more than just frozen yogurt here. Anyways, first you choose your flavour of frozen yorgurt and this is self serve, unlike Pinkberry. However, the downside is they don’t have little cups for you to taste test them, like at Menchies. You can still taste test the flavours, but you need to ask one of the employees, which becomes a hassle.


They have a large variety of toppings you can add, and it ranges from cookie crumbles, mochi, nuts, cheesecake, candies to fruits. They also have various sauces you can drizzle on.


And here is M since he wanted to get on the blog post…


Seating is also abundant here, with many couches further in the back. It makes a great place for groups to hangout, but also dates wit hseating areas for just two people. They close at 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays, and 10pm on the other days. You can enter from the outdoor entrance if the mall is closed.


So I’m guessing what makes this location a Qoola Plus is the food that they offer. So other than frozen yogurt, you can purchase sandwiches and pasta! That’s pretty cool. Their display was not shown, since I guess they were sold out by the time we went. I wonder if they’re any good.


And here is mine creation! I have some Original Yogurt, Watermelon Sorbet and  Mango Tango Sorbet. It is then topped with Mochi, and Green Tea Mochi. Not a huge fan of frozen yogurt, since I’m an ice cream person, but I thought it was decent. It’s not too sweet so I like that. The mochis were definitely my favourite part though. Especially the green tea mochi. It was a huge piece, and of course weighed more, but was extremely chewy. So good!


And here’s a snapshot of all our Qoola. My friends said that the original yogurt is by far the best, and the cheesecake topping is really good. The plus side of Qoola is that no Qoola is ever the same. You can customize it however you like, whereas Pinkberry employees make it for you. I’m guessing the Pinkberry upstairs in the food court is going to have some competition!

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After Jethro’s, we went looking for some dessert. Scoop is located on West 4th, and although I’ve heard the name plenty of times, I haven’t been there. West 4th was having major construction, and it was extremely difficult to find parking. We ended up having to park in some residential areas, which were very limited.


Scoop is essentially a frozen yogurt shop, similar to Menchie’s. The cool thing about Scoop is that they also have a game area, and offers Foosball as well as games like Jenga. The place is fairly small, with limited seating, but it’s a cool place to hangout. It was quite empty on a weekday afternoon.


The menu is fairly simple. You choose your size of frozen yogurt, and then the server gives you your cup with the yogurt in it. You then proceed on to place as many toppings as you wish. She then weighs the yogurt and tells you the price.


There’s a wide assortment of toppings, and they’re popular for their homemade mochis.


A close up of some of the toppings!


Matcha Frozen Yogurt with Mochi, Coconut Jelly, and Mango

And this is what I ended up with. I paid a little more to get flavoured frozen yogurt, which I believe comes in a few flavours, like chocolate and hazelnut. I chose the Matcha Frozen Yogurt. You can tell that the shop is fairly small, because they literally whipped matcha powder into the yogurt manually… Yup, they don’t have pre-made frozen yogurt that is already flavoured. Because of that, I felt that the matcha flavour wasn’t strong enough. As someone who isn’t a huge fan of frozen yogurt, I also found it to be a little too tangy. But I guess that’s what froyo lovers enjoy! I added some mochi, coconut jelly, and cubes of mango. The mochi was soft and had a slight chew to it. Awesome! My bill came to a little under $5, so typical froyo prices.

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Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

People have been talking about Menchie’s for quite a while, but I still hadn’t visited this froyo shop yet. I’ve had Qoola before, but I’m still not a huge fan of frozen yogurt. There are a lot of other desserts that I rather have instead. But after our meeting, M and I spotted Menchie’s and I thought it would be the perfect chance to try it!

This is the yogurt bar. After you choose either a cup or waffle cone in a cup, you head over to the yogurt bar to choose your frozen yogurt flavours. I had no idea Menchie’s had so many flavours! It’s pretty cool how you can try all the different flavours in these little ketchup cups they give you. That way, you know beforehand if you’ll like the frozen yogurt. I tried at least half the flavours, and there was even Red Velvet Cake! Yum! It was like chocolate cake! I ended up getting the Mango flavour though, just because I wanted something that was more refreshing on this warm September night.

Then you head over to the topping section. There are loads of candy and pretty much any topping you can think of. Then there is a section with toppings that are gooey and such. There’s also syrups and sprinkles and more that you can add.

And then when you have finished decorating your frozen yogurt, you bring it to the till where you proceed to pay. The cashier will place your item(s) on the weight, and weigh it. You basically pay a base rate (which I can’t recall) and then for every pound, you also pay a rate. So everything is based on how heavy your items are. So don’t go crazy and pump as much froyo as you can, and add all that heavy candy on – well unless you’re ready to pay the ridiculous price for it. It’s actually pretty smart to make profit, since most people would just put whatever they like on it, and for those who love candy, those are probably one of the heaviest toppings you could put.

Mango Frozen Yogurt with Mango Popping Boba and Mochi

Some things I added were mochi – which were sooooo delicious! I love mochi 🙂 and I also added something called Mango Popping Boba. At first, I thought they were tapioca pearls that were mango flavoured, but no… these things actually pop in your mouth! Well more like burst. I don’t even know how to describe them, but they just pop when you apply pressure on them, and then you get a bit of a mango flavour to it. Kind of weird and I didn’t extremely like them. I enjoyed my frozen yogurt, but I’m still not a crazy fan of it. I’d much rather have some other desserts, but that’s just me. I like Menchie’s a lot more than Qoola though, just because of the wide variety of flavours and toppings.

They recently also opened a shop near UBC! So perhaps I will grab some when I crave frozen yogurt!

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