After Jethro’s, we went looking for some dessert. Scoop is located on West 4th, and although I’ve heard the name plenty of times, I haven’t been there. West 4th was having major construction, and it was extremely difficult to find parking. We ended up having to park in some residential areas, which were very limited.


Scoop is essentially a frozen yogurt shop, similar to Menchie’s. The cool thing about Scoop is that they also have a game area, and offers Foosball as well as games like Jenga. The place is fairly small, with limited seating, but it’s a cool place to hangout. It was quite empty on a weekday afternoon.


The menu is fairly simple. You choose your size of frozen yogurt, and then the server gives you your cup with the yogurt in it. You then proceed on to place as many toppings as you wish. She then weighs the yogurt and tells you the price.


There’s a wide assortment of toppings, and they’re popular for their homemade mochis.


A close up of some of the toppings!


Matcha Frozen Yogurt with Mochi, Coconut Jelly, and Mango

And this is what I ended up with. I paid a little more to get flavoured frozen yogurt, which I believe comes in a few flavours, like chocolate and hazelnut. I chose the Matcha Frozen Yogurt. You can tell that the shop is fairly small, because they literally whipped matcha powder into the yogurt manually… Yup, they don’t have pre-made frozen yogurt that is already flavoured. Because of that, I felt that the matcha flavour wasn’t strong enough. As someone who isn’t a huge fan of frozen yogurt, I also found it to be a little too tangy. But I guess that’s what froyo lovers enjoy! I added some mochi, coconut jelly, and cubes of mango. The mochi was soft and had a slight chew to it. Awesome! My bill came to a little under $5, so typical froyo prices.

Scoop! on Urbanspoon


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