Slovakian Cuisine


Slovak Sauerkraut Soup

Last week, M invited us to her house for dinner and she made a huge pot of  Sauerkraut Soup. It is supposed to be a typical soup that Slovakians have. It included some sort of meat that reminded me of ham . It also had potatoes and of course sauerkraut. With a scoop of sour cream, it was delicious. The soup’s consistency is quite similar to just a broth so it is not thick or creamy at all. The soup was also delicious when you dip bread in it.


Slovakian Desserts

Her mother also sent us some Slovakian Desserts which I don’t remember the names of. I tried the cake on the left, which reminded me of a napoleon with the crust being flaky. The filling inside was custard like. It also wasn’t too sweet! I also tried the macaroons on the right, which were very delicious. Chewy and a little sticky. It’s always interesting to try out new cuisines and Slovakian food is definitely quite delicious.

Piroshky Piroshky

Beef & Cheese Piroshky

Off we continue with our Seattle foodie adventure. So after lunch at Thoa’s, we decided to head back to the Pike Place Market to explore. Still full of people, but most of the lineups at the food shops had definitely died down. On our way to Thoa’s, we had actually walked by a bakery. We actually didn’t spot the place originally, but the aroma was so strong that it attracted us to walk closer. And then we knew it was of course a bakery! A bakery named Piroshky Piroshky that had a massive line up too… Since we were starving, we obviously didn’t wait, but luckily, the line had shrunk by the time we got back after lunch! Okay, we were still pretty full to be honest, but hey, this place must have some good stuff with that long line up from before! So we lined up behind the others, excited to try a “piroshky”. So what exactly is a piroshky? I honestly had no idea, and was still pretty clueless after eating it.

We were quite full from lunch, so we decided to just share one piroshky, since they were quite large. So many choices! But a Beef & Cheese Piroshky seemed pretty safe. It was a bun filled with beef, cheese and some spices. The dough was soft and warm, and the filling inside was not overflowing or too little. Just the perfect amount. It actually sort of reminded me of a curry beef bun you can get in Asian bakeries, so I didn’t think it was THAT amazing. Maybe I had just expected much more seeing those line ups. They’re decent, but I didn’t find them too special. Perhaps next time, I would try some of their other unique fillings.

For those of you who want to know more about piroshkys, I went home and googled them up. So they are basically Russian baked goods – usually in the form of a baked stuffed bun. They are usually filled with meat and vegetables, (usually onions), so the meat and cheese piroshky was actually quite close to the traditional piroshkys! Other variations include savory fillings, such as fish, and also sweet fillings, such as apples. These were all offered at the shop as well!

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