Slovakian Cuisine


Slovak Sauerkraut Soup

Last week, M invited us to her house for dinner and she made a huge pot of  Sauerkraut Soup. It is supposed to be a typical soup that Slovakians have. It included some sort of meat that reminded me of ham . It also had potatoes and of course sauerkraut. With a scoop of sour cream, it was delicious. The soup’s consistency is quite similar to just a broth so it is not thick or creamy at all. The soup was also delicious when you dip bread in it.


Slovakian Desserts

Her mother also sent us some Slovakian Desserts which I don’t remember the names of. I tried the cake on the left, which reminded me of a napoleon with the crust being flaky. The filling inside was custard like. It also wasn’t too sweet! I also tried the macaroons on the right, which were very delicious. Chewy and a little sticky. It’s always interesting to try out new cuisines and Slovakian food is definitely quite delicious.


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