Mandalay Lounge & Steakhouse

gloomy Steveston…

and then the sun came out 🙂

Certified Angus Beef Prime Rib Burger

Colossal 8oz prime rib beef patty, lettuce, Guinness cheddar cheese tomatoes, onions, mayo and yam fries

Moo Shu Crab Cakes

A duo of Fresh crab cakes with Shanghai noodles & Lychee Creme Fraiche

Mandalay Prawns

Mandalay garlic spiced pan-seared Black Tiger Prawns. Finished with a savoury Cafe de Paris butter

Pacific Seafood Chowder

A medley of seafood morsels topped with fresh crab, Torogashi spice

Went for a very nice lunch in Steveston with my bestie the other day except the weather was playing tricks on us! It was very sunny in the other parts of Richmond, but as we were heading towards the water, it got gloomier and foggier! Luckily, it brightened up a little later! We always have tough choices deciding where to eat, so I did a little urbanspooning, and found Mandalay Lounge and Steakhouse. There were a lot of likes, so it couldn’t be that bad! And it definitely wasn’t! It was right by the dock, so it had a lovely view. The restaurant was however completely empty when we arrived, but we were still greeted by our lovely waitress who was extremely friendly. I guess it was empty since it was an afternoon weekday – I mean most of the whole village was pretty quiet and empty. I decided to get the burger and my friend got a few appies that we also shared. Food took a little longer than I expected, but everything came all at once and was presented very nicely! I didn’t get a chance to try the chowder, but the crab cakes and prawns were quite good! The crab cakes were a little spicy, but I actually prefer the crab cakes from Water St. Cafe. I really liked the fillings they used. The burger was also really good! It was huge and was actually too big for me to even bite! Yam fries were also delicious with a very nice crisp on the outside and there were plenty to spare – too much that I couldn’t even finish even with my friend helping me out! Overall, I was extremely happy with the service and the food was quite good. The view and ambiance was above average and it would definitely be a great place for a very nice dinner!

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The Shore Club

Creamed Spinach

Trio of Fish Tartare – chef’s daily creation

Mahi Mahi

Salmon Wellington – wild salmon baked in puff pastry with spinach and fresh papaya

Manhattan Clam Chowder – Manilla clams in a tomato broth

Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee

The Shore Club is famous for their seafood and steak and is located at Dunsmuir Street in Vancouver. The ambiance is very nice and they have a restaurant side as well as a bar side. Food and service is great and professional! An upscale restaurant though, so prices were a little on the higher end.


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Chop Steakhouse

Chop Platter
Steak Bites, Fire Roasted Chicken Wings, Spicy Cashew Snap Peas,
Jumbo Prawn Cocktail and Steakhouse Cheese Toast

Roasted Mushroom Ravioli
artisan ravioli stuffed with roasted portobello and cremini mushrooms in a
creamy white wine, sage and butter sauce, finished with asiago cheese

Top Sirloin with Seasonal Vegetables and Mashed Potatoes

So I finally uploaded the pictures from my friend’s birthday dinner. Sorry if the quality isn’t as good. The restaurant was really dark! So we went to Chop Steakhouse in Richmond for dinner. We reserved a party room so it was closed off from the rest of the restaurant. The ambiance was excellent, but I found the server to be a little annoying. He came back too often to check on us even though we had a sliding door and all. The food was really good though, especially the Chop Platter. Prices are the typical white restaurant prices I would say. Great environment though, especially since it’s under a hotel. Looks real grand inside!

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