The Sweet Spot Bakery

Friend of mine brought me some sweets from The Sweet Spot Bakery! I’ve been talking about trying this place for ages but they’re closed on Mondays, and somehow I always end up in that area on a Monday, so never got the chance to try it out! I don’t know what the names of these sweets are on the menu, but I’ll give a guess to what I think are in them. Top Left hand corner was a dark chocolate cake, that kind of had mousse in it I believe? Whatever it was, it was delicious! The bottom left hand corner was a hazelnut cake. The bottom was crunchy as it had some type of wafer at the bottom, and a few nuts (I believe they were pecans) along the bottom. Also very good, but I would choose the dark chocolate cake over the hazelnut one! On the right, we have a homemade ice cream. It’s called Malted Kulfi, according to the label, and I really had no idea what it was. So I did some googling, and found that Kulfi is an Indian dessert, that is quite like western ice cream, except that it is not whipped, and therefore is much more solid and dense compared to ice cream. It is also the reason why it doesn’t melt as quickly as western ice cream. No wonder it took forever for me to even be able to grab a scoop! The colourful little grains are what I believe are malted candies. It had an interesting flavour, maybe not something that I’m extremely fond of, as it almost tasted like licorice. But then again, it was interesting! I have never tried a dessert quite like this before. Now I really want to go to the bakery again on my own to see all these wonderful desserts!

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True Confections

Love their little quote on the side of the box! “Life is Short, Eat Dessert First”

Milk Chocolate Hazelnut
Chocolate cake, chocolate hazelnut filling and Frangelico

I have to say, I have some of the best friends out there! So sweet of them to drop off some cake for me after a tiring day. I’ve always wanted to try True Confections, but never got the chance to! They got a me a slice of Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Cake that was huge! The slice seems thin, but it is actually so filling! It’s actually surprisingly not too sweet too! Now I really want to go there myself to try all those cakes out! Yummy!

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Sweet William’s Dessert





I honestly do not remember the full names of any of these desserts, so I know my captions really suck. My friend and I had originally wanted to go to Thomas Haas, but when we got there, we were disappointed to see that they closed on Mondays and Tuesdays! And of course, of all days we chose, we decided to go on a Tuesday. And what better way to satisfy our dessert cravings by Urbanspooning what was nearby. We found Sweet William’s Desserts had a high percentage of  “likes” so decided to go there. Took us quite a while to find the store and realized it was inside City Square, and that it was actually part of the Food Court. We had really thought it was its own boutique of some sort…. But we were there anyways, so decided to give it a try. We were greeted by a friendly woman who was prepping to make more desserts. We decided to try an assortment of desserts and got these. My friend and I, however found them quite sweet, and they were just okay. Nothing too fabulous about them. Looking on ubranspoon now, I realized that they might be more specialized in making cakes and paklova, so perhaps we should’ve tried those instead. Maybe next time when I’m at the mall! But I don’t think I would go so far just to grab some sweets here again.

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Godiva Chocolates

More holiday gifts! Godiva is one of my favourite chocolate stores! These are the Limited Edition Chocolates with Seasonal Pieces! Not bad, but I wish they included some of the cream chocolates! I love those! If you also haven’t had one of their Godiva Shakes before, you better try one! They are so delicious!

Butter Baked Goods

Holidays are over so I guess I’m a little late posting these… but I got this little treat as part of my Christmas gift from my amazing friend! It’s a Chocolate Gingerbread S’more from Butter Baked Goods. I never heard of this place before, but my friend said she bought them at Whole Foods. I did a little research and found that they actually have a store on Dunbar! Definitely want to check this place out now. They have baked goods ranging from cookies to cupcakes to muffins to gourmet marshmallows! This one was great for Christmas as the outer cookie had a hint of gingerbread taste to it so it was quite festive. The marshmallow part was also really good! It was just the right amount of sweetness. Definitely want to check out their other goods now!

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Adonia Teahouse

 Mini Afternoon Tea

I love the feeling of going to high tea. It’s like going back to childhood memories where you dressed up and had tea parties!  Afternoon tea is a great choice to get together with your bestie or a few girls to catch up and indulge in some tasty mini sweets and savouries, while taking a sip from your favourite tea. I’ve gone to both the Urban Tea Merchant and Secret Garden, but Adonia is the place where you will feel as though you are in a fairytale. Their decor is beyond exquisite and the chinaware are gorgeous with floral prints. Oh so girly! For just $17 a person, you can enjoy a Mini Afternoon Tea, which includes 7 pieces of mini sweets and savories accompanied by your choice of tea. If you want a larger assortment, then you can go for their Afternoon Tea f or $27 a person. Both are priced at a reasonable price, and the food is delicious!

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Sweet Obsession

Chocolate Obsession

White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse

I love desserts so my friend brought me to Sweet Obsession on West 16th. It offers a variety of different cakes to choose from, including cheese cakes, chocolate ganache and tiramisu, as well as classic confections like dulce de leche, St. Honore and dacquoise cakes. You can buy them by slice, as well as by the whole cake.  There are also drinks and other petite desserts. There are a few seats to dine in, and they also offer take out. Really delicious cakes and looked quite busy! If you’re a dessert lover, then you must check this place out!

Check out their menu at:

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