London Fish & Chips & Wicked


In the evening, we continued exploring the main tourist spots. We found the famous London Eye, which is the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe. You’re supposed to get some pretty spectacular views of the city from the top, but we didn’t feel like paying the price and to wait in line for this attraction.


We headed over to see the Big Ben instead, which I was actually really disappointed about. I have no idea why, but I always thought it would give me some wow factor, but I immediately thought…”really, that’s it?” I guess I had just expected a lot more in terms of details since it’s so talked about in pop culture. Anyways, the tower itself is really known as the Elizabeth Tower. Big Ben actually refers to the bell of the clock.  The four-faced chiming clock is the largest in the world. The clock tower as a whole is the third tallest free-standing clock tower in the world.


It began to get dark, but we still made it to the Westminster Abbey. It’s a huge Gothic Church and has traditionally been known to a be a place for coronations and burials. I don’t think we were able to enter the church, but the exterior details were quite impressive. In this area, you’ll also find many important buildings. There is this little map on the street that shows you what each building is.



We walked towards the Trafalgar Square after, which wasn’t a very impressive view at night. We had a Broadway show to catch, so we quickly looked for some food around this area. We found London Fish & Chips on Bedford Street, and since London is supposed to be famous for fish and chips…of course we had to try some! K and I shared the Big Ben, which was battered fish fillet with six tiger shrimps. The shrimps were basically like popcorn shrimp. It also came with some chips, ketchup, tartar sauce, and a drink. The fish was lightly battered, and I thought it wasn’t too bad. I wouldn’t say it was amazing though. Just average and not too oily. I rather go to Pajo’s at Steveston in Vancouver though, since this meal cost around 10 pounds.


We had bought tickets online for a Broadway show prior to arrival. We were watching Wicked at the Apollo Victoria Theater. Luckily, this was not the Apollo Theater on Shaftesbury Ave, since the ceiling of that theater had literally collapsed just a week before we arrived in London.


Wicked was a pretty cool story. It was funny and whimsical, and although I got confused at the end, I’m sure if you’ve read the book, you would have no problem understanding it. It’s also known as The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz. You’ll get some references about Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz since it’s told from the perspective of the witches of the Land of Oz. You’ll find both adults and kids in the theater since it’s very family friendly.


This was inside the theater. The set up was pretty cool. Even though we didn’t have amazing seats, we were still able to see everything clearly. You can’t really see the facial features of the actors, but other than that, everything is pretty clear. We found the prices in London much more expensive than say in New York, but it was still a great experience!

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Wicked Spoon

From Top Left (Clockwise): Potatoes in Creamy Sauce. Hash brown, Sausage, Scrambled Eggs. Stuffed Pasta in Cheddar Sauce. Pizza Flatbread.

Top: Assorted Desserts (marshmallow, chocolate dipped strawberry, chocolate macaroon)
Top Right: Passion Fruit Pudding/Jello
Bottom: Shiu Mai, Shanghai Dumplings, and Assorted Sushi

In Bowl: Mango Sorbet
The dessert that looks like an egg, is an egg shell coloured in silver, with mango pudding and a mango jelly in the center, which I’m guessing is supposed to represent the yolk. It’s topped with a purple macaroon! Delicious! My favourite dessert here.
Bottom: Orange Macaroon

More Desserts!

The Ice Cream Bar: Eggnog, Gingerbread Crunch, Biscotti, and Peanut Butter, just to name a few exotic flavours!

Candied Apples

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Assorted Chocolate and Marshmallows

Assorted Desserts

Assorted Desserts

Assorted Desserts kept in Fridge

I’m a bit late, but I’ve finally uploaded my photos from my trip to Las Vegas over the Christmas break. Of course a trip to Las Vegas means splurging in those delicious buffets the hotels are famous for! Here are the pictures from my favourite buffet of the trip: The Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan. Funny enough, we weren’t intending to eat at the Cosmopolitan, but those confusing connections between each hotel made us stumble into the wrong buffet! But I guess it was a good thing, because the food was the best out of all the buffets we had! The environment was really nice and service was quick. We actually were seated when breakfast was still happening, so I got to grab some breakfast food as well. I love how a lot of dishes came in little silver pots so that you didn’t have to scoop your own potatoes or pasta. They looked much more professional and each pot allowed the food to be still sizzling hot. I’m a dessert junkie, so of course I left my stomach empty for the sweets! The variety of desserts served were by far the most I’ve seen from the buffets I’ve gone to. Most of the desserts were also kept behind glass so you had to line up and ask the chef to bring the dessert out for you. I guess this way the desserts wouldn’t be ruined and allowed the desserts to be plated much more attractively in the fridge. Ice cream was also served by the chefs as well, and line ups were extremely efficient.  I definitely recommend the Wicked Spoon if you are off to Las Vegas. The pricing was actually even cheaper than all the other buffets I had. The Cosmopolitan is located in the new City Center, so it is fairly new. Must try!

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