White Castle in NYC

Original Slider and Cheeseburger Slider

What are you craving? Are you craving what Harold and Kumar craved for? White Castle? That’s exactly what I was craving for when I knew I was going to New York and so I did a search to find where the closest one would be. Luckily it wasn’t too far from where I stayed, but when we got there in the morning, there really wasn’t anyone inside. Seemed a little shady, but I guess no one gets up for fast food that early? I actually had no idea what these little sandwiches really were. So they basically are square shaped sandwiches that are REALLY tiny. They’re also known as “sliders”. Each one was under $1 though, so I guess that’s the reason behind? Apparently, they make them so tiny so you can have several different flavours to try each meal. The original slider basically had nothing but a meat patty with onions and pickle. The cheeseburger had an extra slice of cheese. Their burgers also don’t have any condiments like ketchup. That’s apparently the way White Castle burgers are supposed to be like. I think they’re a great change from McDonald’s or Burger King, so why not give them a try if you see a White Castle? Hope you’re craving them as badly as Harold and Kumar!

White Castle on Urbanspoon


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