What8ver Cafe

Ice Cream Toast

I finally got a chance to try What8ever Cafe. Yes, such a weird name eh? This small bubble tea shop is located in Richmond, and when I say small, it really is SMALL. There are a total of 4 booths I believe, with two outdoor tables. Service is also extremely slow, so if you’re in a hurry, this is not the place to go. I hear they also have extremely long waits during late nights, but luckily, I got there early and had no wait. They have typical Taiwanese dishes and drinks, but they also have cream floats which aren’t found at most bubble tea shops. Definitely a must try! And of course, their famous ice cream toast! It’s basically a loaf of bread with the center block cut out. It is then cut into small sticks, and are like french toast sticks, that are put back in. It is finished with ice cream and topped with fresh strawberries, banana, Pocky sticks and an Oreo cookie. Delicious! Be sure to make reservations if you want a seat though!

Check out their site for the menu: http://www.what8ver.com/

What8ver Cafe on Urbanspoon


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