JapaDog (Robson Store)

Love Meat

Kurogoma Age Ice & Matcha Age Ice

Got hungry in downtown and decided to get some famous Japadogs that I believe are only found in Vancouver! Instead of the street stands, my friends and I decided to head down to the store on Robson Street. They offer a different variety of japadogs, as well as shake fries and desserts that aren’t found at the street stands. You can also dine in or take out here, although the store is quite small. My friend chose the Love Meat and it looked real cheesy and delicious! Another friend decided to get the Kurogoma Age Ice, which is black sesame ice cream on a fried bun with sugar. It reminds me of the Chinese fried donuts in bakeries. I had the Matcha Age Ice and I also got a bag of shake fries, which unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of. The Age Ice is really filling, and a great dessert if you are craving some ice cream. Its cold in the inside and hot on the outside! Really good! I got the Shoyu Butter Shake Fries, but I found them too salty for my liking. Definitely go down to the Robson Store for some japadogs when you go downtown though! You can’t find most of these items on the menu of the street stands!

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