Eagles Buffet in Seattle

Day two of my Seattle trip, we started heading back towards Vancouver and made a stop for the Seattle Premium Outlets. We were getting hungry and decided to stop by the Tulalip Resort Casino and have our lunch at the Eagles Buffet. Second time here actually, but we are always pleased at the variety of food they offer. Much better than the one we have at RiverRock in Richmond! I don’t remember exactly how much lunch was, but it was around $15 and definitely under $20 – so much cheaper than the buffet at RiverRock! Just some of the pictures of what I ate, but they offer so much more! They even have a ice cream section, which I was I was already unfortunately too full to grab some! Definitely a great deal for lunch or dinner if you stop by the Premium Outlets in Seattle, since it is basically right next to it.

Eagles Buffet on Urbanspoon


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