Han Ju Tofu Hot Pot

Korean Style BBQ with Rice

Seafood and Tofu Hot Pot

Han Ju Tofu Hot Pot is one of my favourite korean places to go! I don’t especially think of it as a Korean place though, since they only offer a few types of Tofu Hot Pots, and the rice. So, basically people come here to eat these few dishes. They do offer a few snacks and bubble tea drinks, which I find a little bizarre. I love their seafood hot pot though! It’s got these clear noodles inside the hot pot along with rice, so it’s really filling. You can also choose how spicy you want it. This one is mild. I have yet to try their Korean Style BBQ with Rice though! My friends always get it and say it’s their must have here! Their prices ranger from $5.95 to $6.95, so quite reasonable for a good portion. Don’t expect any fancy furniture or service though, as even their serving board is just similar to a fast food plastic one. Also gets quite busy during dinner time, so get there early!

Han Ju Tofu Hot Pot 韓州豆腐鍋專門店 (Richmond) on Urbanspoon


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