Edible Flours

Cookie Crumble – chocolate ganache dipped vanilla cake with vanilla frosting and chocolate chip cookie crumbles

Cookie Sandwich

Caramel Donut

Continuation of adventure time with K and J! After grabbing lunch at Tera V Burgers, we continued along Broadway to our next destination – Edible Flours! Edible Flours is claimed to be an organic vegan bakery, and the ratings and comments I have seen are above exceptional. The store was modern and clean-looking and we were greeted by a young man. All the baked goods looked dainty and were presented nicely. Taste wise – we were extremely disappointed…

I got the Cookie Crumble Cupcake, which looked so delicious! After my first bite, I was like, “oh, this is just alright”. But after taking a few more bites, it was too much to take. It was the sweetest cupcake I’ve ever had, and I already have a sweet tooth. But no – this was like SWEET. The icing tasted like I was just eating sugar, and I always thought the icing was sweet at Cupcakes, but no! These were beyond sweet. My cupcake batter also tasted extremely weird, having a weird flour taste to it. I swear the cupcakes I made in foods class were better than this. So I thought to myself that maybe it was because these were vegan cupcakes, and clearly as a non-vegan, I probably had a different liking to the taste of food…Maybe I just wasn’t used to the no egg or dairy baked goods. But K, who is also a vegan, thought her Cookie Sandwich was terrible. The filling between her cookies was also extremely sweet, and she ended up just eating the cookie. If K admitted it wasn’t good, I guess it wasn’t just my own problem! J also didn’t really like his Caramel Donut and thought it was too sweet as well. It was such a disappointment that I barely even finished half my cupcake, and I always finish my desserts! It was so sweet, it made me feel sick. Definitely not going back again.

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