Copa Cafe (Cambie)

Again, this is like one month late. I really should get all these posts up! Anyways, congrats to our Sunshine Boy, Evan! He decided to treat us for dinner and since part of his reward was a gift card to Copa Cafe, why not use it! Plus, he loves HK style Cafes! Copa Cafe is literally right across from the St. Edwards Canada Line Station, so it’s super convenient. After seeing that little chef cartoon on their signage, I realized that I always see this cafe advertised in Chinese magazines.

7 Up Coffee

This was MP’s 7 Up Coffee. I thought it was so interesting that I took a sip. I normally don’t drink coffee since I can’t take the bitterness, but this was surprisingly so good! It wasn’t too strong in coffee, but instead had more 7 up, and then had a hint of coffee flavour. I actually liked this!

Thai Fried Rice?

And this was ML’s Thai Fried Rice (I think that’s what it was…). ML is some fried rice fanatic. He literally eats fried rice everyday I swear – well at least I see him eating that every time I have school with him. He seems to also get fried rice whenever he’s at some sort of Chinese restaurant. Oh, and he also makes his own fried rice. Anyways, I asked him what he thought of his fried rice, since he’s such an expert. He said that this one had too much soy sauce and not enough chicken. He also mentioned it wasn’t as good as the one he’s had at Kingspark Steak House in Richmond. He said that he would rate it a 6/10. So serious about his fried rice…

Baked Seafood with Cheese on Rice

For myself, I got the Baked Seafood with Cheese on Rice. I always get this at HK style Cafes! I probably shouldn’t have gotten this by myself though. It was HUGE. And yes, of course I didn’t finish it. I ended up just eating the top layer or rice mixed with the cheese and toppings, since that’s the best part. I’ve definitely had better baked seafood on rice before. The rice was also extremely dry. It was just alright. Nothing amazing.

This is what E got. I’m not too sure what everyone else got to be honest. But it looks like some sort of steak paired with veggies and fries. It also came with a soup and bread.

And what the rest of the boys got. They got the same thing apparently. Some sort of steak again, but this time paired with rice. It also came with soup and bread. I heard the steak wasn’t that great though.

And this was J’s chicken I believe? I think he tried ordering fish but apparently they sold out. This came with soup and also linguine.

And the rest of the girls shared a meal of steak with veggies and crab cakes and some other items? I’m not too sure again. This picture was actually the wrong order though, as it came with sausages, which they hadn’t ordered. So the crab cakes aren’t actually shown here.

So how good was the food? Just average. Nothing special and the prices seemed to be around the same as other HK style cafes. They have quite a large variety of food on their menu though. Convenient location, although I would probably stick around Richmond with so many cafe choices available.

Copa Cafe 高柏餐廳 (Cambie) on Urbanspoon


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