Jang Mo Jib Secret Palace (Coquitlam)


I’ve only been to the Jang Mo Jib in Richmond, so I was excited to try the one in Coquitlam. The Jang Mo Jib here is also called Secret Palace, which I have no idea why…


The interior is quite different from the one in Richmond! It’s much more trendy and the high ceilings make the place feel very spacious. They’ve also got TVs playing Korean shows the whole time.


They also have a nice bar and a second floor. I wonder what it’s like at night.


Complimentary Side Dishes – Marinated Radish, Kimchi, Bean Sprouts, Sweet Potatoes

My favourite part about going to Korean restaurants is the complementary appetizers! My favourite is no doubt the Sweet Potatoes! I’m not sure where you can buy these pre-made, but if anyone knows, let me know!!


Gahl Bee Jjim
Korean traditional steamed beef short ribs, vegetables, sweet potato noodles and rice cake stewed in house special sweet and savoury marinade. Boiled at your table in a stone pot. Served with rice.

For the two of us, we shared the Gahl Bee Jim, which J recommended. It came with an actual hot pot stove, which you could turn off the heat at any point. I’ve had Korean hot pots before, but they were usually spicy ones, and I can’t take spice, so they weren’t the best things. This one, however, had a hint of sweetness in their soup base. Loaded with tons of vegetables and sweet potato noodles as well. The beef short ribs were really good! They had a great marinade and were extremely tender. Throughout the pot, there was also some slices of rice cake which were chewy.

Overall, I was pretty satisfied with the Jang Mo Jib in Coquitlam. I can’t really compare the food since I had different food at each restaurant, but I enjoyed the trendier ambiance in the one in Coquitlam. Not that the one in Richmond is bad, because they give you a homey feeling with the wooden tables and all. Just a different vibe!

Jang Mo Jib Secret Palace 장모집 on Urbanspoon


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