The Famous Warehouse


I finally met up with the people from my school who are going to Barcelona with me for exchange! K suggested we go to The Famous Warehouse for lunch to talk about our traveling plans over some cheap food and drinks. I’ve heard of this eatery before but never knew where it was exactly. I’ve probably walked by it multiple times as it’s located right on Granville, just a little past the shops and right next to multiple clubs. No wonder people come here for drinks and food before and after clubbing. Don’t expect good service at all, because the selling point of this eatery is their cheap food.  All at  $4.95. The place is pretty much like a pub, and it definitely smells like a pub. After waiting for around 20 minutes with no one acknowledging us, a customer who was leaving tells us there are spots in the back. We walk a few steps in, and a server finally talks to us and takes us in. We were then served by a lady, who I have to say gave decent service compared to the reviews I’ve read online. She checked up on us, which I was surprised after reading such terrible reviews.

K got a glass of beer and Yam Fries, while U got a glass of white wine, which was poured in a highball glass… Pretty weird. She also got the Twisted Greens and added chicken to it for another $2.


Mushroom Jack Burger – premium Alberta beef, sauteed mushrooms, gravy, macho sauce, Monterrey jack, toasted brioche bun, shreeded lettuce, tomato, pickle

For myself, I had read some reviews before hand, and most diners agreed that the burgers were the most decent. I got myself the Mushroom Jack Burger, which was a fair size. Not as big as other restaurant, but definitely not a slider. Maybe the size of  a McDonald’s burger. It also came with a side of Peppered Fries, which I couldn’t finish in the end. The beef patty was moist, and there was an abundant of mushrooms. I have to say it was  a decent burger, especially at the price. I also got myself a Palm Bay, which ended up being more expensive than my meal.

I think they make money through their drinks, because all their drinks are priced higher than your actual meal. My Palm Bay was around $5, and it’s probably one of the cheapest alcoholic drinks you can get on the menu. Oh, and they don’t list the prices of beverages on the menu, so you don’t really know how much you’re paying for until you get your bill. I think most of our bills ended up over $10. The place also seems to always be busy. It’s a great place to go if you’re just looking for cheap food and don’t care about service or waiting. If that’s not your cup of tea, then definitely avoid it.

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  1. Parham Albadvi says:

    Hey Sophia,
    I really enjoy reading your blog posts. Do you have an email address that I could stay in contact with you? I have an exciting story that I would like to share with you.

    Love your passion for food – keep it up!

    Parham Albadvi

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