La Taqueria Taco Shop


M and I had wanted to check out Greedy Pig, but of all days, it just had to be closed on a Tuesday. That meant doing a quick Urbanspoon to see what was near. We found La Taqueria just down the block, and I had heard some good things about this taco shop. It’s painted bright yellow, so you won’t miss it.


You can see the chefs prepare your tacos if you stand at the very front of the shop.


The cashier was extremely friendly and asked if it were our first time here. Since it was, he thoroughly explained to us how the menu works. There are basically several beef, some chicken, one fish, and a variety of vegetarian tacos. Meat tacos are $2.50 each, but if you get 4 meat tacos, you are only charged $9.50.  Veggie tacos are $2.00 each, and if you get 4 veggie tacos, then it’s $7.00. You can also mix and match between meat and veggie. All tacos are also served with cilantro, chopped onion and lime. Other than tacos, they also have quesadillas.


They also have a daily special menu.


They have a large selection of beverages, including both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Some seem to be originated from Mexico.


(Top center, clockwise) Asada, Tinga De Pollo, De Picadillo, Pescado and Dos Equis Lager Especial

M and I each got 4 tacos. The Asada is grilled AAA flank beef, and we both agreed it was the best out of the ones we tried. I think what was so great about it was that you could taste a bit of char from the grill, and it made it so much more flavourful. The De Picadillo consisted of sauteed ground tofu in chin chin’s secret recipe and is also a vegan taco. He said that this was one of his least favourites. We both got the Pescado and Tinga De Pollo. The Pescado consists of zarandeado fish with chipotle mayo, raddish and pepitas. We found the fish to be okay. I thought the fish was a bit too soft for my liking. The Tinga De Pollo had chicken with chorizo in a chipotle tomato sauce topped with mexican cheese and sour cream. This was probably the second best. Lots of chicken and very flavourful.


(Top center, clockwise) Pescado, Res En Cascabel, Tinga De Hongos, Tinga De Pollo and San Pellegrino Orange

For myself, I chose two different tacos different from what M had.  The Res En Cascabel was their special, so I decided to give it a try. It had free range beef in a cascabel chili sauce, and I found it to be the spiciest of the  four. However, the heat was still bearable and wasn’t numbing. I enjoyed this one the most out of the 4 tacos I had chosen, although M’s Asada definitely beat this one. The other taco that was different was the Tinga De Hongos which had sauteed fresh mushrooms in a spicy chipotle sauce. This one was also a vegan taco. I thought this one tasted sort of weird and I didn’t even really feel like I was eating mushrooms.

To add, all the tacos have two soft tortillas, since I’m pretty sure if it only had one, the ingredients would seep through. You would think that 4 tacos isn’t a lot, but this definitely filled me up. The tacos are filled with lots of ingredients and they pour out as you eat. It’s going to be a messy meal, but it’s worth it! They also have an area with different sauces, with the mildest as guacamole, and the hottest as something similar to Tabasco sauce I believe. I think this was my first time having Mexican food at an actual specialty store, so it was definitely an experience! I was really surprised that the sauces that originally come with the tacos were not as spicy as they sounded too.

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