Luzia – Barcelona


I apologize for getting behind again! I’ve been traveling a lot this month and with school almost finished, I had tons of projects to finish up! Anyways, this post goes way back to September, when school just began. After school, U and I met up with her dad and we headed along La Rambla, which is one of the busiest streets in Barcelona. It’s filled with tourists and pickpocketers, so you always need to be cautious around here. We looked around for food, worrying that there may be lots of tourist traps, but luckily we ended up at Luzia which is located right on the street corner. The inside looks quite fancy, but the prices are actually decent and there are many families eating there.


Ravioli con salsa de setas ( Ravioli with Mushroom Sauce)

I chose the Ravioli with Mushroom Sauce and although there are only a few pieces of ravioli, it really fills you up. The mushroom sauce was extremely rich and other than mushrooms, there were also some sort of nuts or grains in the sauce. I couldn’t figure it out. The filling was a cheese filling and went very well with the mushrooms.


Pollo de corral, pimientos y puré trufado (Free Range Chicken, Peppers and Truffle)
U had the Chicken with Peppers and Truffle. It was nicely presented on a wooden board with a skillet on top. She said the chicken was tender and the flavours worked well with each other. Extremely delicious she said!

IMG_4695 (640x480)

Our meal came with some bread as well. We also ordered some white wine. U’s dad got the Steak tartar y patatas fritas (Steak Tartar and French Fries). He said it was cooked perfectly.

IMG_4696 (640x480)


Last but not least, U and I shared a slice of Tiramisu. It was filled with chocolate and coffee goodness. A slight hint of alcohol and filled with cream and mascarpone cheese. So good!


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