Yuu Japanese Tapas (Revisit #2)


Green Tea, Red Bean Parfait

After some sushi, K was craving some deserts – specifically a parfait. Since we didn’t want to drive all the way to Vancouver, we decided to go to Yuu Japanese Tapas. We remembered that they had a large assortment of desserts, and I had also tried their parfait before. I warned K that it wasn’t amazing, but she still wanted to satisfy her parfait craving. She went for the Green Tea, Red Bean Parfait, which I had also ordered before. She, too, felt like it was a disappointment.


Warm Sweet Yam with Ice Cream

For myself, I wanted to try something unusual. I went for the Warm Sweet Yam with Ice Cream, and it was definitely really odd. It was purple yam that was mashed, with red bean surrounding it and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. We all agreed that it was something that we could probably make ourselves and definitely not worth the money.


Crispy Toast Cube with Chocolate, Almond & Ice Cream

Lastly, E got the Crispy Toast Cube with Chocolate, Almond & Ice Cream. This was probably the best one out of the bunch. Essentially toast that had been lightly fried and drizzled with lots of chocolate sauce.

Overall, we didn’t find that their desserts were any amazing. Desserts cost around $7 each, which is quite pricey what they were. Probably won’t be visiting here again for their desserts.

Yuu Japanese Tapas 優 on Urbanspoon


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