Master Hung BBQ Restaurant


Master Hung is near my house, but I have never made the effort to visit. Finally, we decided to give it a try, and surprisingly it is packed. Even with reservations, we had to wait 15 minutes. They are supposed to be famous for their Soy Sauce Chicken.


The restaurant is actually fairly small, and the interior is actually much nicer than I expected judging from the outside. Service was quick and friendly.


Daily House Soup

We started off with the Daily House Soup. It was simmered with meat and veggies and full of flavour.


Ling Cod (2 courses) – sauteed with celery and snap peas

Next was the Ling Cod which came in two courses. The first was sauteed with celery and snap peas. I found that it lacked flavour, but this was probably the better version of the two. Some of the pieces had bones in it, which I’m not a huge fan of.


Ling Cod with Tofu Hot Pot

The second course was the Ling Cod with Tofu Hot Pot. For some odd reason, there wasn’t much flavour to this either. You would imagine that this dish would be more flavourful. The best part was the tofu. The ling cod in this dish had a lot of bones too.


Soy Sauce Chicken (half) $2 extra

They have dinner specials, where you can order a number of dishes for a set price. We chose the combo of three, which came to $41.80. Our first dish was the famous Soy Sauce Chicken which came in half a serving. We had to add an extra $2 for this. The chicken was decent, but I didn’t find it too special. The meat had great chew, but I thought it was almost a bit too hard to chew.

Combo for three – $41.80


Bamboo Pith Buddha Feast $2 extra

Next, was the Bamboo Pith Buddha Feast, which came with an assortment vegetables. It included mushrooms, wood ear fungus, corn, bean sprouts, carrots, and broccoli. Again, it wasn’t very flavourful.


Honey Garlic Spareribs

Lastly, we had the Honey Garlic Spareribs, which was probably my favourite of the night. They didn’t look too appealing, but they were battered lightly and flavoured well. A good hint of honey and garlic so it wasn’t too sweet or overwhelming.

Overall, we found Master Hung to be overrated and just mediocre. We were surprised by how many people ate here and how good the ratings were on Urbanspoon. Fair prices, but the items really lack flavour. I guess it’s good if you like your food to be more on the bland side…

Master Hung BBQ Restaurant 油雞洪燒臘菜館 on Urbanspoon


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