Greedy Pig (Happy Hour)


On a Tuesday afternoon, we decided to head to Gastown to try Flying Pig’s happy hour menu. I’ve heard great things about the restaurant and was excited for this meal. Unfortunately, it was raining that day, and when we got there, the street along Flying Pig was completely out of power. They were not able to serve us, and we had to look for other food. Walking around, we found Greedy Pig, which I had visited for New Year’s Eve before. They also offered a happy hour menu, and although limited, we were tired and ready to just eat whatever.


House White Wine

I started off with the House White Wine, which was a pretty good deal at $5 a glass. It was served chilled and was subtly sweet.


Spanish Meatballs

To be honest, we weren’t too fond of the menu after sitting down. We decided to just share two dishes and head to a different restaurant instead. We ended up getting the Spanish Meatballs, which were a huge disappointment. The meatballs were extremely overcooked, dry, and rough. The only thing that helped was the zesty tomato sauce. It came topped with shaved grana padano, which is a popular Italian cheese. I wish there was more cheese though, as it was so little that it didn’t even make a difference to the dish.


Herb Crusted Baked Brie

Lastly, we got the Herb Crusted Baked Brie, which was also just average. I liked how they baked the brie so that it was crispy and flaky on the outer layer though. It came with some raspberry sauce, which always goes well with brie. A good amount of cheese to accompany the bread though.

Overall, we weren’t too fond of the Greedy Pig’s happy hour menu. Based on the dishes we tried, verything was just average, and nothing really stood out. There were quite a few people during happy hour though. I guess they have good prices for their drinks at the time.

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