Wicked Spoon – Las Vegas (revisit)

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On Sunday morning, we decided to hit up the Wicked Spoon for some buffet at the Cosmopolitan. I ate here when they first opened and really enjoyed it, and I heard that it has kept up its standards, so it was time to do a revisit.

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I heard there are always long line ups, but surprisingly, there was no line and we were seated right away. The buffet for brunch and lunch is around $38USD after tax, which is pretty reasonable for buffets in Las Vegas.

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During their lunch buffet, they have a variety of items from different cuisines. Here, there is sushi.

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Then they have some Thai curries and Chinese food. I love how everything comes in little pans and they even had Chinese take out boxes!

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Then there’s your typical American food. Their pizzas had some pretty good toppings like smoked salmon. There’s also a variety of breakfast foods, a prime rib and other meats section, and a salad bar.

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Then, there’s the dessert section. A variety of pastries. Probably one of the better buffets for dessert.

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Red velvet cupcakes and cheesecakes were just some of the desserts.

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So many choices for cakes!

471 (640x480)

Cakes are well presented.

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My first round included a mix of food. Eggs bennedict, sausauges, bacon, mussels, bone marrow, fried chicken wings, pizza, and even takoyaki. I also liked how they had fresh juice in the salad bar. It was a strawberry kiwi juice and was very refreshing.

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Second round included some smoked salmon, fresh fruits, and lamb curry.

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S got some baked potatoes, gnocchi, bone marrow, kale salad, and eggs benedict.

475 (640x480)

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Then came the desserts. I got the white chocolate mousse cone, white chocolate and orange mousse cake, pistachio eclair, coffee cake, and blood orange sorbet. They have a huge ice cream bar with a variety of flavours. One of my favourite parts of the buffet.

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S got the chocolate dipped strawberries, cheesecake, molten lava cake and passion fruit sorbet. Their cheesecake is so good!

Overall, we were quite happy with Wicked Spoon. The price for lunch is quite reasonable, but if you’re looking for seafood, then it may not be the best for you. Great buffet if you like desserts though. They do a good job in plating everything and the ambiance is very modern.

– Good variety of food
– Great dessert section

– Some dishes are just average
– May have long waits during peak hours

Price Range: $40-50

1: Terrible 2: Poor 3: Average 4: Good 5: Excellent

Food: 4
Service: 3
Ambiance: 4
Parking: N/A
Overall: 4

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