Hawksworth Restaurant


Hawksworth has been on my list of must-try restaurants for quite a long time now. Since opening in 2011, the restaurant has won many awards including second place for Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants. But with all those awards means an expensive meal. So when S surprised me for our anniversary and Christmas Eve dinner at Hawksworth, I was one happy girl!


The restaurant is located under the Rosewood Hotel Georgia and the ambiance is truly beautiful. Dimly lit with beautiful chandeliers and a massive wine cabinet, this place makes you feel chic. Service was extremely friendly and didn’t give you that snobby feel that many upscale restaurants can have. On Christmas Eve, this place was bumping!


Pan Roasted Scallops

We started off sharing an appetizer of the Pan Roasted Scallops which was presented beautifully. The dish came with some smoked mangalitsa lardo, which reminded me of bacon, sunchoke purée, chestnuts, and were topped with crispy celeriac. The scallops were cooked to perfection and I loved dipping it into the sunchoke purée. All the components just worked so well together.


Charred Wagyu Flank  

For my main, I chose the Charred Wagyu Flank, which was accompanied with chickpea beef neck panisse, charmoula, sunchoke, and yogurt. Again, this was visually appealing and all components went well together. However, I was slightly disappointed with the Wagyu flank since it was a bit tough to chew even though it was cooked medium rare. I know that flank steak is usually chewier, but I found that mine had quite a lot of connective tissues that made it difficult to chew. Still, the meat was very flavourful and had a nice char. It paired very nicely with the charmoula sauce. An interesting component of the dish were the chickpea beef neck panisse which I absolutely loved. I later learned that panisse is fried chickpeas and this one was extremely crispy on the outside. A great alternative to your typical fries with steak.


Yarrow Meadows Duck Breast  

S got the Yarrow Meadows Duck Breast, which featured leg confit croquette, pumpkin purée, gai lan, and lingonberry duck jus. I was hesitant of his choice at first since I usually find duck breast to be easily cooked to dry, but this was honestly the best duck breast I’ve had! They suggest to have it medium rare and the meat was so tender! A must order!


Dark Chocolate  

For dessert, our server recommended the Dark Chocolate, which featured a mousse like cake, a peppermint sorbet, and cocoa nibs. Since S had ordered in advance on Open Table and made a note that it was our anniversary, they surprised us by adding a chocolate card which was a nice touch. This was a great dessert especially for the holidays, with the rich dark chocolate balanced by the minty sorbet.


Dinner ended with complimentary peppermint shortbread cookies and raspberry jellies. Both of which were quite good.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with Hawksworth. You can tell the chef prepares each dish with care and thought. The portions were actually larger than I had imagined, but entrees still ranged from around $40 and up. Our bill ended up around $130 before tips with no beverages for the two and I was pleasantly full. Looking forward to return to try other dishes, but it will definitely be left for a special occasion!

– Carefully prepared dishes
– Excellent service and ambiance

– Very pricey

Price Range: $60-80/ person

1: Terrible 2: Poor 3: Average 4: Good 5: Excellent

Food: 4.5 Service: 4.5 Ambiance: 5 Parking: 3 Overall: 4.5

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