Bauhaus has been opened for over a year now and is famous for two things: the owner, Uwe Boll, a Hollywood director who some may dislike, and Michelin chef Stefan Hartmann. Bauhaus offers German fine dining, so the prices are definitely up there which is why I’ve delayed visiting for so long. Luckily, I found a Travelzoo deal (Groupon-like website) for $79 for a 2-course lunch for 4. That comes to around $20 before tax and tips per person which is a pretty good deal since their appies range from $13-14 and entrees go from $20-28 normally. And guess what, the travel zoo deal is still available! Check it out here.

Anyways, we called to make reservations ahead of time, and the deal is only available on weekdays for lunch. When we arrived, we quickly mentioned that we had the deal again just so it wouldn’t get awkward and the hostess kindly just asked me to pull up my voucher. We didn’t feel like we were treated differently at all.

The interior is modern and beautiful. We loved the white marble table tops and the business like leather chairs. The restaurant felt really upscale and polished with the high ceilings and use of mirrors.

Even the table setting was really nice. Definitely a place to impress your date.

We started off lunch with complimentary bread which came with a ricotta pesto spread and sea salt butter. Loved how they elevated the normal butter with the sea salt.

Nelson the Seagull Sourdough Bread

We were told the sourdough bread is from Nelson the Seagull, which is also in Gastown, so you know the bread is fresh.

Summer Greens
Although the Travelzoo had shown a sample menu, we were actually allowed to choose any item off their regular menu. This consisted of one appetizer and one entree. Since we had four people, we ended up trying every appetizer. I started off with the Summer Greens which normally comes with burrata and tomatoes. However, they told me that they did not have burrata today, so it was substituted with a crumbly ricotta cheese. Not bad, but I didn’t think this was anything special. I definitely wouldn’t pay $13 for this normally.

Smoked Cauliflower Soup

MH got the Smoked Cauliflower Soup. It was pretty funny since when the server presented his bowl, there were only tiny pieces of cauliflower on the bowl. So we thought that was it. Luckily, he also had a pot handy which contained the actual soup, of which he poured in front of us.

This was really creamy and flavourful!

Smoked Mackerel
S got the Smoked Mackerel with green apple, horseradish and pumpernickel foam. Although the dish was small, it was absolutely tasty with the fish being moist and the right amount of saltiness.

MW got the Blackhendl, which I had no idea what it was. Turns out it’s fried chicken! The chicken was tender and moist with the batter being crispy.

Onto the entrees! S got the Halibut which came with squash, risotto and zucchini. Although small in portion, the halibut was very moist and the risotto was flavourful and cooked to perfection! S complained that it was too small in portion (probably because both the items he ordered were the smallest!) but I really enjoyed the flavours and execution of this dish.

Braised Veal
MW got the Braised Veal which came with fried onion purée, sauteéd salad hearts and fava beans. Although veal can be tough sometimes, this one retained the moisture and was not chewy at all. A great dish!

Beef Roulade
MH got the Beef Roulade which was much tougher. The red wine sauce was a great match and this came with chanterelles, a type of funghi. This dish was just average since the meat was not as tender.

Wiener Schnitzel
Last but not least, I had the Wiener Schnitzel which was a big as my face! All the guys were jealous of the portion but to be honest, the veal is quite thin, so it’s not that much. The batter was thin and crispy with the veal remaining moist. I loved the cranberry sauce on the side and the potato cucumber salad underneath. A perfect pair and reminded me of the days when I traveled in Germany.
Overall, we all enjoyed the food at Bauhaus and it did not disappoint. I felt that the portions were actually decent because we weren’t starving after, which can be the case with fine dining often! Still, the price can be a bit hefty for a regular dinner/lunch, so leave it for a special occasion or grab the Travelzoo deal!

– Well executed German fine dining dishes
– Beautiful ambiance

– Can be quite pricey without deals
– Some dishes are smaller in portion

Price Range: $20 (based on Travelzoo voucher)

1: Terrible 2: Poor 3: Average 4: Good 5: Excellent

Food: 4 Service:4 Ambiance: 5 Parking: 3 Overall: 4

Bauhaus Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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