Lumpiang Shanghai
Deep fried bite sized pork spring rolls

Beef Mami
Beef, egg, spring onions, and vegetables

Inihaw na Pusit
Grilled squid

Pancit Langlang
Stir-fried vermicelli and egg noodles, diced chicken and pork, and assorted vegetables.

Leche Flan

Ube Macapuno Cake
Ube chiffon cake and cream cheese icing

This is my second time at Kumare now! First time, I have to admit that I had no idea what I was ordering and wasn’t ordering the right “Filipino” food, so this time, I brought a Filipino friend with me for lunch! First off, we got some spring rolls that were filled with pork. They were really good and the filling was quite different from the ones I normally eat. Then, there was the soup, which I found quite interesting. It had a lot of vegetables and it had a sour taste to it. Not something I would normally order, but it wasn’t too bad. The squid was really interesting, as it was filled with green and red peppers, and then it was grilled. I have never tried something like this before! It was delicious other than the parts that were grilled a little too much. Those parts had a burnt taste to it.  This time, my friend ordered noodles that were supposed to be Filipino – not those Pad Thai noodles I ordered last time that clearly were originated from the Malaysian and Thai Cuisine. The noodles were like vermicelli and had an interesting flavour to it. Quite delicious! And last but not least, I finally got to try their desserts, since Kumare also has a bakery section to the restaurant. I insisted on trying the Taro Chiffon Cake as I wanted to for the longest time, but my friend also suggested the Leche Flan, which is basically like a caramel pudding. So glad she ordered that because it was so delicious! Definitely one of my favourite desserts now! The Taro Cake was also not bad, as it had a nice taro flavour to it and the cream wasn’t too thick. It was also topped with some coconut that seemed to be freshly peeled off! Overall, it was a great experience having Filipino food.  I think I might have a better idea of what to order next time and I’m definitely coming back!

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BBQ Pork Skewer

Pad Thai

Beef on Green Curry

So I discovered Kumare on another food blog and was really interested as it was close by home but I had never seen this restaurant. I also learned it served Philippine cuisine and I had never had it before, so I decided to try it out. It is located in Richmond, near Richmond Centre on Park Road. I believe this is an authentic Filipino restaurant as every diner in there seemed to be Filipino. We opened the menu and seriously had no idea what to order. Maybe we should’ve asked for some recommendations, but we looked over and saw other diners with skewers so we decided to try them too. They were really delicious and I am going to get them for sure again when I go back. The Pad Thai was surprisingly not as flavourful as the ones I’ve had at Thai and Malaysian restaurants. I’m guessing most people don’t order that dish at Filipino restaurants. I found the Beef on Green Curry a little too salty, but it went well with a bowl of rice. It seemed that most people ordered a lot of dishes and had it accompanied with rice. I asked my Filipino friend the next day, and she told me that was usually the way it was eaten. Quite the same as the Chinese cuisine I guess. Overall, it was a very interesting experience and I think I might go there again. I would love to try their Ube Ice Cream or Chiffon Cake, which is taro flavoured. Apparently, it is their famous dessert!

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