Black Pepper Crab at Long Beach Seafood, Madam Tussauds at Sentosa, and Kok Sen Restaurant

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If you enjoy eating crab, then a trip to Singapore means you have to try either their chili crab or black pepper crab! We tried both in Malaysia last time, but this time S and I decided to just go on our own for lunch. It is said that the Black Pepper Crab dish was first created by the chef of Long Beach Seafood and therefore, the restaurant is known for this signature dish. We decided to take the bus to the King location and it wasn’t hard to find.


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We enjoyed a sleeve of Tiger Beer which is Singapore’s official beer. Cold and refreshing!


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We also shared a plate of Pea Shoots to get some veggies intake. The veggies were fresh and flavoured with a nice garlic broth.


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The crabs are ordered by the kg and they serve mud crabs here. I believe ours was under 2 kg which honestly isn’t too much shared between two if you’re only eating this. In fact, the mud crabs aer quite small compared to the BC Dungeness crabs we have in Vancouver. Only the claws are big. We decided to go with the Black Pepper Crab and it was full of pepper flavour. S actually found it a bit too spicy but for me it was just right. It would be delicious paired with a bowl of rice! I can’t quite remember how much the crab was per kg, but our whole meal came to over $100 SGD. So definitely not cheap, but the ambiance in the restaurant is also pretty nice. Be warned that they will place peanuts on the table which cost $2 SGD and towelettes are $1 SGD. You better check your receipt to ensure you don’t pay more. A great spot to try chili or black pepper crab regardless!


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After lunch, we headed to Sentosa. You can choose to take the monorail, cable car, or walk. At VivoCity, you can purchase tickets for the monorail which gives you a round trip journey and unlimited use of the Sentosa Express around the island for the day if you purchase the Sentosa Pass. However, as the weather wasn’t too hot that day, we decided to try walking to Sentosa from VivoCity on the Sentosa Boardwalk. It actually only takes around 15 minutes if you walk leisurely, and there are gardens along the way and also covered up top in case of rain. If you walk quickly, it’s probably only 5 minutes. I actually quite enjoyed this option as we got to enjoy some scenic views along the way.


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Finally, we arrived at the resort. As we had been here last time we visited Singapore and had purchased a fun pass, we had already done many of the activities on the island. You can check out my post from my visit two years ago if you’re interested in the activities on the island. This time around, we targeted some new activities.


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We decided to check out Madame Tussauds this time around. The wax museum featured famous legends from both North America and Asia. Before we even started the wax museum, we were able to take the Spirit of Singapore boat ride which takes you around Singapore in a boat. Sort of like a kiddie ride at the amusement park, but it was actually quite well made with all the famous sights being showcased. Tickets are normally around $40 SGD if you purchase at the venue, with around a $10 SGD discount if you purchase online. However, if you purchase through KLOOK, it only costs $20 SGD. Savings are quite good and the ticket also includes Images of Singapore LIVE, a 30 minute live actor-led show. If you pay another $3.50 SGD on KLOOK, you can also visit the new Marvel 4D Cinema which wasn’t open yet when we visited.


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You’ll find famous politicians like Obama!


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Sports players like Yao Ming!


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And of course the famous Bruce Lee!


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When we were exiting the wax museum section, we also noticed there is a Virtual Reality Racing experience. Here, you can pay an additional fee to race in one of two full sized virtual reality car simulators. You can choose to be on Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel’s team. S could not miss the opportunity to sit in one of these cars, so of course he paid for the experience. I believe it was roughly $20 SGD or so, and he said it was well worth the price.


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As our ticket included Images of Singapore LIVE, we decided to check it out as well. The show is only 30 minutes and we were actually able to learn a bit about the history of how Singapore came about. There are live actors who will take you back in the day while you walk around their staged sets. Unfortunately no pictures allowed though. If you have some time to spare, then it’s worth checking out after the wax museum.


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After an afternoon at Madam Tussauds, we headed towards the beach area. Looking for a quick snack, I suggested we see what special menu items were available at McDonalds. We found Sweet Corn Soft Serve, so had to give it a try. The flavours were interesting but I personally wouldn’t get it again. The soft serve itself was creamy and smooth like their typical vanilla cone but with a subtle corn flavour.


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We decided to end our trip at Sentosa by checking out the beach. There are a few beaches on the island, but we wandered to Tanjong Beach which has the least activities. It’s nice and quiet and the perfect place to unwind after a long day. We were able to catch the sunset here as well.


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After Sentosa, I had made plans to meet my exchange friends for dinner. They decided to take me to Kok Sen Restaurant 國成球記菜社 which has been listed on the Michelin Bib Gourmand. The restaurant therefore has become very busy and you’ll be expected to wait for a seat. The restaurant is not fancy inside as you’ll be sitting on stools without air conditioning. However, the food is delicious! We started with the Romaine Lettuce Stir Fried with Fermented Beancurd. It was slightly spicy but not overbearing.


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Cereal Butter Squid

Next up was the Cereal Butter Squid which was probably my favourite dish of the night. There are plenty of squid buried underneath the mountain of crunchy crushed cereal. This was the perfect dish to pair with rice!


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Sliced Fish Soup

The Sliced Fish Soup came in a clear broth with deboned sliced fish, choy sum, and mushrooms. The broth was flavourful despite being very clear.


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Hot Plate Tofu

I believe the Claypot Yong Tau Foo is famous at Kok Sen, but I don’t remember if it was sold out or why we didn’t order it. Anyways, we ended up with the Hot Plate Tofu which had plenty of tofu, shrimp and vegetables in a thick savoury sauce.


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Yang Zhou Fried Rice

Lastly, we had the Yang Zhou Fried Rice which had shrimp, barbecue pork and egg. Flavourful dish but nothing too special. Overall, the food at Kok Sen was pretty good and all dishes we tried didn’t disappoint. Just be prepared to wait if you don’t have reservations! I believe the restaurant has been around for 3 generations now, so the locals must love it!


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Kok Sen is located on Keong Saik Rd, and there are actually many bars around this area. We decided to go for drinks with my friends after dinner. Remember, drinks are not cheap in Singapore though so be warned that you’ll be ready to dish out around $20 for a cocktail. We ended up going to Potato Head which has a rooftop bar. Luckily in the evenings, the heat dies down a bit, but it’s definitely still quite warm for us! We ended up enjoying some delicious cocktails and called it a night!



























Singapore & Taiwan Trip (Day 5)


Day 5 in Singapore was going to be a full day in Sentosa. We started off visiting another hawker center called Adam Food Centre for breakfast.


We were told that Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak is one of the top places to eat nasi lemak. There was a bit of a line up here and it appears they have won several awards.


I ordered the Royal Rumble which costs around $5.70 SG. This has everything so good if it’s your first try. This is a popular Malay rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf. It is served with fried anchovies, a fried fish, deep fried chicken drumsticks, cucumbers, a hard boiled egg and chili paste.


Included also is a spicy fish cake that is wrapped in a leaf. This was definitely very spicy but delicious with the rice.


Grandma and aunt ate from Noo Cheng Adam Road Big Prawn Mee. They serve a variety of noodles.


They had the Pork Ribs Big Prawn Noodle. The broth is delicious as it is strong in seafood flavour.


We also tried the Braised Duck which came with a side of hard boiled eggs. Pretty good!


After breakfast, the aunt drove us to Sentosa. You can however easily take public transit into island. There is a Sentosa Express train that costs $4 SG to enter which you take from VivoCity shopping mall in HarbourFront Station. You can use your EZ-Link card to pay and the return trip is free. You can also take the cable car, or even walk from VivoCity shopping mall. Many options if you check on their website.


Upon arriving you will be greeted with the huge Merlion, which is the largest in Singapore. Sentosa is Singapore’s island resort so it is quite touristy. We wanted to visit Universal Studios the next day (which is also located on Sentosa), so we decided to purchase the 2-Day Fun Pass for $139 SG for one adult. This allows 1 day access for up to 20 attractions on the island plus a 1 day pass to Universal Studios. I highly recommend looking into these passes if you are thinking of going to more than 2-3 attractions since you will break even quite easily. The attractions on their own can be quite costly.


If you choose to purchase this fun pass, be sure to arrive early on both days as there is so much to do! Plan ahead which activities you definitely want to play. The park is huge but there are quite a few signs to direct you. The first activity we tried was the Segway Fun Ride. This was a really cool experience since it was our first time on a segway. You are quickly trained how to ride it and off you go down a short strip with your instructor. The instructors don’t talk to you along the way so it was a bit boring but S and I still thought it was really fun! It lasts around 15 minutes or so and you can get two rides from your pass.


Next up was the Skyline Luge. This was basically like go-carting but you sit in this tiny little luge. It doesn’t go very fast but loads of fun as well!


Before you can ride the luge, you have to take the Skyride, which is a cable car that takes you up to the top of the island where the luge ride begins. You can also take this ride if you just want to see some scenic views of the island.


Probably one of the most interesting activities we did was the MegaBounce where you are strapped onto these elastic cables and you jump up and down on a trampoline. You can do tricks and flips and relive your childhood. The girls operating the attraction were also super nice and helped us take videos and pictures.


Since we were along the beach area, we took a break and admired the view. Singapore was hazy throughout the time we stayed due to the forest fire though, so the view wasn’t as nice. Along this area was also the Wave House, paddle boards, kayaks, and bikes. However many of these required swimsuits which we weren’t dressed for. Another cool attraction was the Flying Trapeze but it wasn’t opened during our time there.


Instead we decided to play the Combat Skirmish: Indoor Maze. This is quite off the map and far from all other attractions. We got quite lost going here, but found the Fort Siloso Skywalk to capture the island from up top.


This is Fort Siloso, an area near the attraction where we got lost. You’ll find many combat museums around this area. Finally we found the indoor maze and realized it was really a laser tag game. Since the island wasn’t very busy that day we were told we would be the only ones playing…That meant me against S. But hey, I won in the end! I found the game to be a bit underwhelming though since there was a lot of light shining in and the employees would stand there watching us which made it a bit awkward. Not worth the trek here in my opinion.


We had originally wanted to do the ParaJump next but it wasn’t opened that day probably because of the haze. Instead they offered us Level 2 of the ClimbMax.


A buggy drove us to the MegaZip Adventure Park, a bit of a walk away from the island and dropped us off. You need to wear closed shoes for this attraction but they provided me with crocs to wear. This was one of the scariest attractions for me and was challenging yet satisfying when you finished. It is an aerial obstacle course where you are on treetops and must navigate wobbly bridges and test your balance on tightropes. You are of course secured for safety purposes. This was the most strenuous activity we did and we were both sweating by the end of it. Luckily they provide cold bottled water for free once you’ve completed the obstacle!


We basically skipped lunch because we wanted to check out all the attractions so we decided to take a break and grab a small snack from Krispy Kreme. Mmm love how they have such fancy flavours in Asia! Restaurants on the island are expensive so bring some snacks or be ready to pay more.


We then decided to check out the S.E.A Aquarium. Love how you can see the sharks swimming on top of you when you first enter!

Probably my favourite part by far was this panoramic 36 m long viewing panel where you can get up close to the sea animals. This was the coolest display I’ve seen at an aquarium and combined with the soothing mysterious music, you really felt like you were underwater! We ended up sitting here for quite a while admiring the movements of the animals. A very well done aquarium and worth seeing in my opinion!

After that, we realized we still had some time to check out the other attractions. We decided to check out some of the 4D rides in the 4D AdventureLand. Some were better than others but this would be a great activity if you want to sit and rest a bit. We also checked out the Sentosa Merlion which I highly recommend. An elevator takes you up to the Merlion’s mouth and there is a photographer who helps you take pictures with your camera for free. You can then head up to the top of the lion’s head to enjoy panoramic views. The Tiger Sky Tower is also a must see and I highly recommend going on at night. Sentosa lights up during night time and the ride elevates you up 131 meters above and turns in a circle so you can get a 360 view. It is Singapore’s tallest observatory tower and is not to be mistaken as a thriller ride.

There was one last place I wanted to see before leaving and that was the Trick Eye Museum. They have this in Korea and many other Asian countries and is super fun as it transforms 2D paintings and sculptures into the effect of a 3D optical illusion.

It’s great since they provide tips on how to take the picture and where to pose so you can get a realistic picture. This was so much fun and we could’ve spent a lot more time here!

We had to catch dinner with my Singaporean friends that night though so we quickly caught the Sentosa Express back to VivoCity. We were to meet my friends at Founder Bak Kut Teh on Rangoon Road but ended up getting quite lost due to some miscommunication… We hopped on a taxi and finally made it!

We all had the Bak Kut Teh which costs around $7 SG. You can also pay more for all ribs. This is a dish where the meaty pork ribs are simmered in a broth of herbs and spices for hours. This is very strong in white pepper flavour. From what I know, there are other restaurants that serve a more herbal flavour soup. I quite liked this and there is unlimited refill of the soup. I enjoyed dipping my rice into the soup.

My friends also suggested we get You-Tiao which are fried dough. This is very common in Hong Kong too as we usually eat this for breakfast. These were also great to dip in the bak kut teh.

We shared the Salted Vegetables which are sort of like pickled cabbage. Really appetizing and great with rice.

Lastly we had the Egg Pancake and again it is great dipped in the soup.

It was such a nice catch-up to see all my exchange friends again after over a year! S and I then took the train back home after a long day of activities.


Adam Food Centre: 2 Adam Road, Singapore

Sentosa: From HarbourFront MRT Station, go through the VivoCity shopping mall and take the Sentosa Express, OR take a stroll on the Sentosa Boardwalk from the shopping mall, OR take the cable car from HarbourFront MRT (Exit B).

Founder Bak Kut Teh: 154 Rangoon Rd, Singapore 218431