Tokyo Joe Ramen Okawari

Salmon and Tuna Sashimi

Assorted Sushi

Curry Ramen

Okawari Ramen – Japanese style Cha Shu Ginseng Noodle Soup

Tokyo Joe opened their ramen chain a few months ago in the save on foods mall in Richmond, just across from their sushi chain! I haven’t actually tried the sushi chain, but decided to try their ramen first. Upon entering, we were greeted by enthusiastic Japanese waitresses and the restaurant was quite empty. But a few minutes after sitting down, the place became full! They have specials every week and this week was the Curry Ramen so I decided to try that. The ramen wasn’t actually soaked in a curry soup base, but instead, the fried pork was drizzled with curry sauce, so it was just enough curry flavour without taking over the flavour of the ramen soup. The Okawari Ramen is basically like their house ramen, but it is different from other ramen, where they actually have ginseng in this one! I never got a chance to try it, but it looks delicious! Now I want to try the Tokyo Joe sushi factory across the street!

Tokyo Joe's Ramen Okawari on Urbanspoon


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