Shanghai Fusion Restaurant

We had originally wanted to go to Sunway Restaurant for some Taiwanese food again, but it wasn’t opened yet at 11 am and we were in a hurry. We looked around Empire mall, and ended up trying Shanghai Fusion Restaurant. It was empty except for us and and another table, but it was a little early I guess. We decided to get a “build your own combo” for 4 people, with two appetizers, two dim sums, one soup noodle, and one fried noodle or rice. Unfortunately, I was only able to get 3 pictures of the food since I got caught up in a phone call, and my family ended up eating all the food before I could snap some pictures. Don’t exactly remember all the names of the food as well…Food was decent, nothing too special, and portions were alright. Price was quite reasonable as well, so not bad.

Shanghai Fusion Restaurant 滬之星 on Urbanspoon


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