Seto Japanese Restaurant

Miso Soup, Takoyaki, Seaweed Salad

Katsu Don

Chopped Scallop Roll, Yam Tempura Roll

Seto is always one of my favourite go to Japanese restaurants in Richmond. This is  where you can get authentic Japanese food at an affordable price. It’s always packed on weekends, and without reservations, you pretty much can’t get a seat. But we went on a weekday, and it was pretty empty. Kitty came back from Toronto and desperately wanted Seto, and so off we went along with Jack. I had just gone downtown with Kitty for some Japadogs, so we were both still pretty full. I ended up getting the Takoyaki and Chopped Scallop Roll. Both were as always up to standards. Definitely would recommend Seto if you are looking for authentic Japanese food in Richmond.

Seto Japanese Restaurant 瀨戶壽司 on Urbanspoon


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