Pennsylvania Dutch Funnel Cakes (at PNE)

Deep Fried Pop Tarts… tempting…

Deep Fried Wagon Wheels…?

Deep Fried Oreos!

Almost a month overdue post now..since PNE was at the end of August! But anyways, PNE had tons of good food during the Fair, so this is just the beginning of some of the food I tried! I heard from my colleague back when I was interning about Deep Fried Oreos, and I knew I had to try them when I went to PNE. There were a two stands with them, but this stand also had Deep Fried Pop Tarts and such…so I decided to give it a try. They were surprisingly really good! I usually find oreos too sweet, but for some reason, these weren’t as sweet as normal oreos. The batter also didn’t feel too oily. It was basically a soft dough on the outside, and the oreo inside wasn’t extremely gooey or melty, so it was really good! They were extremely filling too. I still wonder what Deep Fried Pop Tarts would taste like, but I guess I’ll have to try next year!


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