Salt Spring Island Noodle Bar (at PNE)

Chicken + Veg + Pad Thai + Thai Chow Mein

Continuation of The Fair at the PNE! We also looked for some actual food instead of just desserts, and we came across this Asian looking booth called Salt Spring Island Noodle Bar. We thought Pad Thai sounded appealing at that time, so we decided to get it, but we soon realized that it wasn’t the Pad Thai noodles, but the Pad Thai sauce! But it wasn’t even really close to that sauce anyways… It was actually some sort of spicy sauce with chow mein noodles. Although it wasn’t what we had expected, it was still pretty good. It’s not even Asian operated, but I have to say it’s probably better than most of the non-Asian operated food places I’ve tried. After searching it up, I also found that the noodle bar is actually from Salt Spring Island in the Gulf Islands! So it actually came all the way from Victoria to attend The Fair. Pretty cool!

Salt Spring Island Noodle Bar and Curry House on Urbanspoon


6 thoughts on “Salt Spring Island Noodle Bar (at PNE)

    • every day is a food day says:

      Hi Marcella,

      Thanks for checking my blog out. Are you asking if Salt Spring Island Noodle Bar will be at PNE or if I will be? I know that the noodle bar will be open this year at PNE. For myself, I am not sure if I will be attending PNE this year.

  1. Iannitelli says:

    I eat at the Noodle Bar every year for lunch and dinner at the PNE love the food I add lots of peanuts and sesame seeds and hot sauce yum

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