Prairie Smoke & Spice BBQ (at PNE Vancouver)

Rib n’ Meat Combo – 1/3 rack of Ribs & Pulled Pork

The Fair at the PNE was also having a Rib Fest! Pretty much all of the participants had tons of awards, so it was hard to really choose which one was the best. I ended up going to the Prairie Smoke & Spice BBQ, which originates from Regina. We got the Rib n’ Meat Combo so we could try more than just the ribs. The ribs were flavourful and they weren’t too dry. The pulled pork was also quite delicious. It would’ve made a great pulled pork sandwich, which they also sold. I kind of wish I got the platter so I could try the brisket as well, but I didn’t really want a side dish.

Prairie Smoke & Spice BBQ on Urbanspoon


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