Granny’s Cheesecake & More

Deep Fried Kool-Aid

Kool-Aid. Deep Fried? Wait, what? How can Kool-Aid be deep fried?! I think I asked that question so many times when I saw the signage. At Granny’s Cheesecake & More at PNE, they deep fry everything. From the typical bananas, to cheesecakes, and then all the way to the extreme: Deep Fried Kool-Aid. I tried to take a picture of the signage they had for “What on Earth is Deep Fried Kool-Aid”, but the lighting was pretty bad. So to summarize:

They make a super concentrated Kool-Aid mixture. Then they apparently add Granny’s secret ingredient, and then they deep fry it in small balls and then cover it with icing sugar!

Pretty cool idea, but how well did it taste is the question! They were definitely not as good as the Deep Fried Oreos, but you couldn’t say they were terrible. They lacked flavour, and I could just taste a hint of berry flavour, and then the rest was just like eating a piece of red dough. One is enough, and when you keep eating it, it becomes too much.


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