TaiwanFest 2012

Again, I’m pretty much a month late on my posts. But anyways, TaiwanFest occurred during the Labour Day weekend, and was a festival to celebrate Taiwan culture and food! Since Vancouver is multicultural and has tons of Taiwanese, it made sense to have it here. And also Toronto I believe. It was hosted by Telus with all sorts of entertainment, with live performances, DIY art, music, and of course food! The event was held around the downtown Granville area and was free to public – well other than the food! Funny how J didn’t know about the event even though he’s Taiwanese, but I dragged him along nonetheless.

Family Lin

Taiwanese Soup Noodle ($5)

The streets were pretty packed and we saw a huge lineup to the booths for the Tainan Street Banquet. Some teen volunteers however, told us to go check out the other food booths since it would take a while to get in. Shouldn’t have listened to them since the lineup when we got back was even longer! But anyways, we ended up going to the International Food Fair area, where J got the Taiwanese Soup Noodle. I took a sip of the soup and thought it had a strange taste. Apparently it’s the taste of onions…? He said it wasn’t too bad though.

Sasaya Bistro

Oyster Omelet ($6)

A lot of the food I saw weren’t actually too familiar to me. Or they were fried food that I wasn’t craving that day. I ended up spotting a booth that sold the Oyster Omelet and purchased that instead. The wait was quite a while as they had told me beforehand. I guess it takes a little longer to cook this dish. I’ve had a really delicious oyster omelet at a family Taiwanese restaurant in Richmond a while back before, and I have to say this one wasn’t up to par. The outside of the omelet didn’t have that crispy texture and instead had a very glutinous jelly-like substance – something that I didn’t find too appealing for my taste. I also wasn’t too used to the sauce which was a little sour and spicy. I’m guessing the sauce is what they usually use though, but I would’ve liked it on the side.


Passionfruit Slush ($5)

J got thirsty and also got a Passionfruit Slush. This was actually really good since it was refreshing on a hot sunny day. The passionfruit flavour wasn’t too sour as well, since I’ve had ones that were really sour. We then realized that the booth was Totoro, which is a bubble tea shop in Richmond. I don’t think they’re even Taiwanese operated, but oh well. It was still good.

Tainan Street Banquet

Fatty Pork with Young Bamboo on Vermicelli ($5)

Steamed Rice Pudding ($5) – Glutinous rice steamed with mushroom, minced pork and shrimps in circular pudding shape, served with sauce and coriander

We got filled up a bit now, so we decided to walk around and explore the other booths that were not related to food…After an hour or so, we decided to head back to the Tainan Street Banquet to check out why there was always  a lineup. We waited roughly 10 minutes, and finally got to the entrance where we were given a tray. This area was actually all owned by the same restaurant/chef, and there were basically around 10 different menu items to choose from, and as you move along the line, you can let the people know what you want. They then place it on your tray and you proceed to pay. All items were $5, which wasn’t too bad, considering you’re at a special event and the portions were pretty good too. They also had tables to sit down at in this area. I was pretty confused with what to get, since I wasn’t familiar with most of it. We ended up getting the Fatty Pork with Young Bamboo on Vermicelli and the Steamed Rice Pudding. Good choice since we soon realized that almost everyone got those items too. The vermicelli wasn’t soup based so it was just moist. The fatty pork was actually really good, although it was lots of fat. I felt kind of unhealthy eating it, but I have to admit it’s good. The Steamed Rice Pudding was something that I had wanted to try since I got there. I saw other people eating it and I thought it looked really pretty! I really liked the mixture of minced beef, mushrooms, shrimp, and the sauce. It was flavourful and sort of reminded me of the sticky rice my mom makes. Good stuff!

I wish I posted this earlier so others could read and go, but I’m sure they will be back next year again. A great event to check out with family and friends!


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