Dae Ji Pork Cutlet House


Dae Ji Pork Cutlet House opened just last month a few minutes away from J’s house. It’s near Coquitlam Centre, so it’s very convenient. We decided to go check it out, and I believe they literally just opened that day. They also have other locations, including one in Downtown.


The place reminds me of a cafeteria and is a very chill place to eat. However, you don’t need to order at the counter, since the man will come over to serve you. So it’s a bit fancier than a serve-yourself shop.


Pork Cutlet with Spicy Sauce

J got the Pork Cutlet with Spicy Sauce. It came with two large pieces of pork cutlet and an abundance of sauce. I found the sauce a little spicy, but J thought it was fine. Each of our dishes also came with a side of salad with thousand island dressing, corn, macaroni salad, daikon, and rice. J’s dish actually had less rice than mine, since he ordered it off the pork cutlet menu, and not the rice menu… confusing.


Pork Cutlet Curry Rice (comes with miso soup)

For myself, I was craving some curry, and got the Pork Cutlet Curry Rice. It was a large piece of pork cutlet, topped with curry and vegetables, all on top of a large scoop of rice. On the side, I also had the same sides as J. I actually found the curry really spicy! I thought it would be similar to Japanese curry and be sweet, but it also had tons of spice in it! Even J thought it was spicy, so it wasn’t just me…Pork Cutlet was extremely crispy and the batter was light. Delicious!


Miso Soup, Kimchi Soup

My meal also came with a miso soup, which was nothing special, and J’s came with a kimchi soup. Since it was the opening day, the man also gave us free pop.

The pork cutlets are definitely up to par, and for the price and quantity, I can see it being successful. On opening day, it wasn’t packed, but there was a consistent number of people going in and out. Not bad!

Dae Ji Pork Cutlet House on Urbanspoon


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