Eyescream and Friends – Barcelona


I realized I hadn’t posted a lot of pictures of Barcelona, so these pictures are slowly going to creep into my posts. I call this city my second home now, because it is seriously one of my top cities in Europe. Who can say no to a city where going to beach in the end of September is totally normal? This is Barcelonetta by the way, which is one of the most popular beaches for tourists. It’s pretty cool since there are clubs, bars, and restaurants just lining up along the beach. Barcelona has other beaches further away from the city center which are more clean and much more quiet. Oh, just looking at these pictures make me sad… At least Vancouver hasn’t been raining the past few days…


I was in love with the palm trees when I first came. It makes it feel like you’re on vacation all the time. Almost like you’re at a resort in Mexico! However, they were actually imported for the Olympics. Anyways, this is the boardwalk along Barcelonetta. Taking a stroll down here is amazing!


Anyways, if you get off at the Barcelonetta metro stop, it actually takes around 10 minutes to get the beach itself. It’s quite a far walk, but it’s a pleasant walk because there are lots of restaurants along the way to entertain your eyes. If you keep walking towards the beach, just a little before the actual beach, there is a store called Eyescream and Friends. The graphics are so cute that it lured us in.


I feel like not enough people know about this place! It’s actually a little hidden, perhaps because it doesn’t have the flashiest signs. I still can’t get over how cute and simple their advertising is.


They claim that they sell gelato, but I find it to taste more like shaved ice. Perhaps shaved ice isn’t a common word for them there. The place is half self-served, which makes everything a bit more fun! First, you decide if you want the complete pack or just the gelato. Of course we wanted to get the whole deal. It’s pretty expensive for gelato as it’s 4.30 euros for the whole package. Well worth it to try though!


Next, you grab their little trays. The design is seriously so cute. I love how everything is cardboard or wood, so totally environmental friendly! They seriously win for such a cool design concept.


Then you can choose two toppings. There’s a section of chocolates, chocolate sauces, jams, condensed milk, caramels, graham cookies etc…


Or you can opt for gummy bears, pistachio sauce, chocolate chips, etc…


Now that you have popped your two toppings into the right spots in the tray, you hand over the tray to the employee, and he/she will head over to the machine to squeeze out your gelato (or shaved ice). You can choose from 7 flavours: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, yoghurt, cheesecake, wildberry yoghurt, and mango. They also have some daily flavours sometimes. Then they will add two sugar googly eyes to your eyescream!


And voila! Is this not the cutest dessert ever? I chose Mango, with white chocolate chips and gummy bears. Absolutely tasty and amazing to look at. I almost didn’t want to dig in because it looked so cute! The texture is like ice cream and sorbet. So refreshing on a hot day! I would highly recommend checking eyescream and friends out if you’re near the beach! It’s pricier than a typical gelato, but how often can you have so much fun with gelato?


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