Gyoza King

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Gyoza King has been around for a long time and is famous for their gyozas and izakaya style food. The place was quite busy when we arrived, so be sure to make reservations ahead of time.

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Ebi Mayo

We started off with the Ebi Mayo, which had a light but crispy batter. Not the largest prawns, but still very fresh and satisfying.

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Pork and Chicken Gyozas

And of course we had to try their Gyozas. We decided to try an order each of Pork and Chicken. They showed up looking the same and the waitress quickly told us which was which. However, we weren’t paying attention, and by the time we started eating, we couldn’t tell the difference between the two. Honestly, they taste quite the same, so if you want variety, you should choose one with shrimp or veggies instead. Other than the fact that we couldn’t tell the difference between the two apart, the gyozas were some of the best I’ve had in restaurants. The skin was thin and crispy both top and bottom. There was a good amount of filling and the dipping sauce complemented well.

Overall, Gyoza King lives up to its expectations for good gyozas. They also have a wide variety of choices for izakaya food and seems like a fun place for drinks. Service is attentive and friendly. Seating can be a little crowded since the restaurant is quite small.

– Gyozas are pan fried to crispy
– Large variety of izakaya choices

– Seating is pretty cramped

Price Range: $15-25

1: Terrible 2: Poor 3: Average 4: Good 5: Excellent

Food: 4
Service: 4
Ambiance: 3
Parking: 3
Overall: 3.5

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